Outside Canopy lights have improved dramatically over the years and have taken over the traditional lighting solutions like metal halide/ pulse start, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lighting fixtures. The canopy light has several benefits over these conventional lighting solutions as they are more popular, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Choose from several specs. We offer these lights in a range of specifications such as different wattages, voltage, lumen output, and more. This ensures you find the right choice for the needs of your business without worry. We even offer dimmable options for added versatility. We are sure to have an option for your preferences with this selection.

Vandal-resistant reduces theft. In addition to the standard options, we also offer what are call vandal-resistant canopy lights with LED lamps. These are made to prevent theft or tampering by criminals. Which also happens to make them incredibly durable against extreme weather as well. These are ideal for any location looking to keep its lighting investment intact for years of use.

Backed by lengthy warranties. Made with strong gaskets and powder coat finishes, these are strong and long-lasting solutions. All of these units are durable in their construction from sturdy materials, as well as rated for outdoor use, but they are also back warranties directly from the manufacturer. With many warranties lasting up to 5 years, you have even more peace of mind when shopping for this important item for your business.

Information on LED Canopy Lights

We offer several reliable manufacturers for LED canopy lights,and more to get the reliable solution your business needs today. Made to replace a range of HID and MH fixtures of various wattages, these traditional Outside Canopy lights are the perfect way to upgrade your system while saving on utility costs. LED is known to offer superior wattage to lumen output, no heat production, and longer-lasting lamps for an incredible value over comparative options. Choose from multiple voltages and wattages ranging from 28W to 70W to meet your exact needs.

With these lights being UL listed wet or damp, as well as options that are vandal-proof, rest assured you are getting a high-quality solution built to last for years of reliable use. Made with durable housings to protect the LED driver and polycarbonate lenses to protect the lamps, these units are perfect for withstanding the elements and the needs of canopies.

Easy to install with included mounting components, every fixture offers reliable performance you can count on without a hassle. Find the right choice for your business today with these affordable solutions from top brands. High-pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamps (if the buildings are really old). Some industrial and commercial applications use fluorescent lamps. But traditional canopy lights have shortcomings that make them very inefficient. Traditional canopy light fixtures may still be in use today, but they consume a lot of electricity and have very poor efficiency.

Led Canopy Lights Bring High Bright Lighting to Any Space

LED Canopy Lights are also called the lights of the gas stations or gas station lights because, in almost all the gas stations, these lights are used at the ceiling of the gas stations. These lights are safe and secure because of the fact that they are flat lights and not like large LED Light fixtures. LED Canopy lights illuminate any space as bright as any other light. These are highly versatile light fixtures that look good in your workspace while saving your money.

The LED versions of these fixtures are designed to directly replace their more fragile and energy-consuming counterparts while eliminating the high maintenance and electrical requirements of these lighting fixtures. Outside Canopy lights utilize existing mounting hardware and align with existing bolt holes for easy installation. Lighting fixture upgrades can be done one step at a time and the lighting format and style will still be consistent throughout a facility. LED canopy lights are able to withstand demanding conditions of an outdoor environment, have an IP rating, and lower energy consumption and lighting maintenance costs.

Canopy lights are generally mounted at lower heights, and they don’t have to deal with structural beams either. Getting the right light distribution in a gas station lighting or any other canopy outdoor space makes space look inviting, safe and well lit. To give your area a fantastic look and feel, you need to decide on the right optic and distribution pattern. There are two main options for this- specific beam angles or industry-standard type distribution. You can use a specific beam angle when you have a low ceiling. You can use this for a 120, 150 or 180n degree distribution pattern.

Why Choose Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

If you are a gas station owner, one of the main priorities of your business is the maintenance of your business station. Have you ever wondered why most people do not stop at your gas station? Do you feel that most of the passing motorists prefer other gas stations instead of yours? If yes, you would be curious in knowing the reason. Well, one of the major reasons could be the lighting.

LED Gas Station Lights make a big difference. If you take a look at your gas station after sunset from across the road, ask yourself that would you ever stop at a gas station that is not well illuminated? You would not feel safe for sure. The same is the case with other people. This is when you should consider changing the lights of your station. Canopy Lights are brighter than any other regular light and they are not very expensive also.

These days, canopy lights are also being used to light up convenience stores and motel walkways. Our LED canopy lights backed by a prolix warranty of 5 years. These lights come in various wattages ranging from 100W- 240W to help you with every lighting solution. Canopy lights are UL listed which means that these lights are shock-proof and damp-proof as well. These lights are made with sturdy materials to outlast your expectations in terms of durability and energy efficiency.

Canopy Lights are big on Savings

Finding the right LED lighting solution can make or break a space. Proper lighting will provide a functioning workplace for your employees, and create a comfortable, safe environment for your customers. When shopping for the ideal fixture for your outdoor commercial application, consider our wide selection of affordable LED canopy lighting.

Commercial LED canopy fixtures are perfect for covered walkways, entryways, tunnels, parking structures, patios, porches, and much more. Our LED canopy lights offer reliable performance even in the toughest of outdoor climates. These vandal-proof fixtures protect against tampering and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Outside Canopy lights fixtures are more energy-efficient by providing longer operation hours, less maintenance, and easier installation.

When considering outdoor LED fixtures, we look for three main characteristics: energy savings, low maintenance, and durable construction. Our LED canopy fixtures check all of those boxes and then some. Featuring high-performance optics with a slim profile, LED canopies are designed to fit a variety of commercial and professional settings. We see them used most frequently in multi-level parking garages, gas stations, car washes, loading areas, drive-throughs, small warehouses, and other damp locations.

A variety of accessories are available like motion sensors, photocells, and bi-level dimmers for even better energy efficiency. Choose from our top-rated brands like Bbier. Whether you’re simply illuminating the area around your home garage, or outfitting an entire warehouse with bright lamps, we’ve got the LED solution for you. Browse our full selection of LED canopy fixtures, or contact our team of certified lighting specialists to learn more.

Ideal Light Color for Outside Canopy Lights

The ideal light color for canopy lights is bright white or a softer white. The case over the Outside Canopy lights dim the light color of the light and that’s why lights of all colors would not illuminate the space. Yellow and White even if dimmed, can provide enough light to your space. Experts always recommend these two colors because of their brightness and illuminating capability.

Canopy lighting has significantly improved and transitioned from HID, pulse start, and fluorescent lighting to more popular, energy-efficient, and cost-effective LED lighting. Canopy lighting is a term used to describe outdoor lighting that is usually pendant, recessed, or surface mounted to a structure’s overhang, ceiling, or soffit. The lighting is typically used to offer illumination to areas that are frequent pedestrians and vehicles. This type of light is used in a myriad of applications including hotel canopies, parking canopies, gas stations, and more.

Petroleum is a highly combustible hydrocarbon that is also carcinogenic. One of the major concerns when it comes to handling hazardous compounds like hydrocarbons is the likelihood of ignition by electric devices and machines. Lighting fixtures positioned close to petroleum storage tanks must have the necessary safety features as they can be a source of explosion if they create sparks during operation. Most commercial lighting fixtures such as canopy lights utilize high-intensity discharge lamps like metal halide.


Designed to help you light up your gas station, canopy, car wash, and convenience store better. LED Canopy Lights are reasonably priced at your favorite online portal for LED lighting requirements. Since it is a gas station where people prefer to stop by and relax for a while before hitting the road again. It is important for you to make the atmosphere welcoming.

The right kind of lighting that makes the space look safe and relaxing is what makes the real difference. This is what makes the people behind the wheels choose your gas station instead of the one neighboring yours. Our surface-mounted LED canopy lights sure help you achieve the same at your gas station. Gas station lighting needs a lot of focus here because a lot of problems that were caused by the sodium lamps and halides have been solved by the LED lights. Since LED canopy lights are teste to last over 50,000 operational hours, there’s no need for you to go in for frequent replacements- added savings of time, energy, and money.

The LED canopy also helps you to achieve the same with commercial outdoor lighting. Outside Canopy lights are available in round and square shape. Additionally, we have a white square model that has a very high-end style, perfect for a contemporary ambiance. After all, the idea is to offer you a product that can be adapt to your lighting design. Both square and round fixtures have been constructing with durable and high-quality materials.


Discussed above were some of the essential things and information you need to know about canopy lights and its functioning. LED lighting solution has been so much in demand these days as it has taken over the traditional lighting solutions, and therefore, there is a rise in the demand for canopy lights.

Many gas station owners usually hesitate to convert their canopy lighting from traditional lighting to LED technology. Their major concern is that they may end up under-lighting the vital areas. This misconception is often driven by the drastic wattage reductions that are usually involved in LED conversions. The truth of the matter is that this is nothing more than an erroneous belief. Gas station illuminates LEDs look much brighter than those that illuminate traditional lamps. None of them are under-lit as and they all stand out clearly at night. LEDs provide consistent light color and brightness.

If you’re starting from scratch you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing LED lighting fixtures. If you have existing canopy lights, however, you’ll need to find an LED solution that’s compatible with the design. Our canopy LED lighting fixtures are an engineer with retrofits in mind, and easily fit into existing layouts. With tons of different shapes, sizes, model types, and trim options. We provide an unmatched selection that guarantees you’ll be able to find the perfect lighting fixtures for any imaginable application. For more information about our LED canopy lighting fixtures and /or other products please contact us at 1-631-746-7627 with any questions.

What’s the advantages of canopy outdoor lights?-Step by Step