We need to consider these questions below:

  1. What’s the height do you want to hang lights?
  2. Is it line with the building usage and then determine how much light is needed?
  3. Do you like UFO or linear overhead style? LED technology is the same, so easy to install or look preferred
  4. Motionsensor. Your choose is need or not. If so, do you want it in the light or separate.

What are the characteristics of UFO high bay led lights?

Easy Installation:

When purchasing UFO High Bay light, you will get the establishment guidance guide which has referenced establishment measurement step by step. The installation is extremely simple to introduce on the off chance that you have the wiring knowledge,you can likewise call a specialist to complete it.

  • Wide Beam Angle:

The fixturehas a wide beam angel which covers the wide space of your business and mechanical space. 120° beam angel is sufficient to enlighten the more extensive space with high lumen lighting yield.

  • Dimmable:

What could be better when you can deal with your lighting output? This mechanical assembly allows you to set the light as indicated by your need. You can lessen the light from 10V to 1V and benefit would diminish more energy use.

  • Low-cost Maintenance:

If you use HID fixture consistently, you should know about the high maintenance This apparatus requires low maintenance cost until 50,000 life expectancy closes.

  • Premium LED Chip:

The most significant equipmentof the installation is their LED cob chips. We have made this installation with Epistar LED cob chips, which offers the fresh and stunning light to the surface.

  • Cooling: The LED high BAY ufo light has a huge heat The aluminum heat sink can further develop sturdiness, work on working execution and keep the light cool. The lodging of the luminaire is made of aluminum, which can disperse heat well.

What is UFO High Bay?

UFO High Bay is another normal shop lighting fixture.  in some cases people call it “UFO” because it has a round light board and a more modest driver on top.

With its exceptional working performance, substantial construction, round plan, and amazing bars. The UFO high compartment is considered to have a solid, strong appearance. Which is stylishly alluring in current applications.

Since they don’t need a reflector to light a particular way like HID lights, they can likewise be minimized. They have a blade tail plan that assists with scattering a modest quantity of warmth equally to cool it.

What is LED linear high bay?

At the point, when you need to do an undertaking that should enlighten a tremendous space. There is no doubt that you will pause and reconsider. There are numerous kinds of high lumen lights.So it’s useful and an unquestionable requirement to do some exploration prior to settling on any choice. One kind of light source you need to contemplate is straight driven high sound lighting. The linear drove high bay is a straight organized luminance, and its light source is driven. It is intended to enlighten a wide region that requires most extreme light yield. The drove straight high cove has a more extended diode game plan. Which can create a bigger pillar point. This uses present day drove high-narrows innovation and broadens the length. Longer and more extensive than ufo lights, it gives you various choices. Clearly, it is ideal for distribution center paths or other restricted regions.

Here are some examples of using linear led high bay lights to be all the best choices:

1.Warehouse lighting

Distribution center lighting ought to be uniform and glare-allowed to make the creation space proficient and canny. There are still numerous decisions in lighting. You can pick ufo drove high roof lights or straight high roof lights. While, lighting these distribution centers is normally difficult on the grounds that a large portion of stockrooms are restricted by colossal racks. A passage was framed inside the structure. However, relax, direct high cove lighting can utilize the furthest down the line innovation to take care of this issue. These apparatuses structure a raised narrows that uniformly disperses light yield over the space and structures a space that looks loaded with life.

2.Retail aisle lighting

A retail location needs to dazzle clients and stroll into your store to partake in the best shopping experience. These are many lighting difficulties that retail locations face. Shops and some indoor business sectors have high roofs and length huge regions. As of now, driven straight high roof lights are the best answer for give uniformly disseminated lighting. In addition to the fact that they provide extraordinary lighting, the fact of the matter is that they look great. The trendy appearance of the new driven lighting will stand out for customer and love.

3.Indoor sports field lighting

The well-being of sports competitors is essential. To ensure the well-being and best execution of competitors. Indoor games facilities should be outfitted with top of the line lighting frameworks. Driven direct high reveals can give adequate insight to indoor games fields and improve the general climate of indoor games fields. There are numerous acceptable driven games arena lights, while a 300 watt direct high narrows light will be your most practical decision

You may be wondering why the ufo elevation should be chosen if the performance of the linear elevation is equally good. In addition to their shapes, there are some key differences.

The motivation behind why driven direct high inlet lights have preferable possibilities over normal high straight lights.It is that their expense and energy effectiveness have expanded by over 90%, and they have given double the yield needed to a large portion of the venture. Moreover, the darkening capacity makes it lighter than normal alternatives.

Minimal expense, energy-saving and vastly useful straight drove high roof lights are without a doubt prescribed to anybody searching for the best item to light up their space.

You might be asking why the ufo height ought to be picked if the presentation of the straight rise is similarly acceptable. Notwithstanding their shapes, there are some key contrasts.

UFO high bay led lights VS Linear High Bay Light

The beam angel of the ufo led high bay light can be honed with polycarbonate mirrors to completely enlighten little regions. Its round diode plan and lumen range make our drove ufo lights ideal for shallow, more open spaces. On the other hand, LED Linear high bay light have a more drawn out diode plan, which can create a more extensive beam angel. At the point, when roofs are introduced at high areas, they perform best,which making them a superb answer for restricted spaces like tall structure channels.

Because of the various shapes, the light dissemination of the two high stands is likewise unique. Another explanation straight tall platforms are incredible for lighting walkways is that they yield a uniform rectangular pillar. The ufo high inlet light shed transmits a roundabout shaft.

Comparison of light distribution curves

For Linear high ceilings, the light appropriation is rectangular. For round high bayous, the light appropriation is round.

Led linear high bay luminaires can be applied to hallways, stockroom racks and different spots to accomplish uniform lighting impacts. Applying round drove high frameworks to these areas won’t accomplish a similar impact, and even reason misuse of light, which at last prompts expanded energy costs.

The benefits of the round drove overhead are high establishment effectiveness and low work cost, which can be utilized in open spaces and places without unique necessities.

Consider shape and beam size

Diverse apparatus shape factors project distinctive beam sizes and shapes. Round high bays, for example, ufo high bay light will project a tapered beam(usually 120 or 90 degrees). Which makes it more shone and controllable for light appropriation. In any case, this likewise implies that in case they are excessively far separated from one another, you might experience undesired ” white spots” between those that a cone shaft can’t reach. LED Linear high bays, on the other hand, project rectangular beams, so they will circulate light in regions, for example, passageways and long seats viably. While making a lighting plan, it is useful to remember the shape and beam size.

You can choose according to your needs.

Of course, please don’t worry. If you don’t know how to choose the light, you can browse the page, it will give you unexpected surprise. Here’s another way to help, please contact justin@bbier.com. Our professional sales team and top engineers will design the solution for you.