With the improvement of lighting technology, wireless solar flood lights has become a new way to obtain green energy, which is of great significance when combined with floodlights. With a fully self-sustaining device,wireless solar flood lights can be installed anywhere, regardless of the ability to use cables. Here is a description of what wireless solar flood lights are, how wireless solar flood lights work and how long do wireless solar flood lights last.

What are wireless solar flood lights?

Wireless solar flood lights are artificial lighting in wide beams. Wireless solar flood lights with motion sensor is a very powerful light, which covers a large area and is activated by motion. Today, wireless solar flood lights have been used in homes as wireless solar flood lights to protect against thieves, visitors, small animals and parcels, and to monitor only physical spaces. The high-power wireless solar flood lights can effectively illuminate the space, making it an ideal light for matching with cameras, motion detection and other anti-theft devices around the front door or house. Wireless solar flood lights are often used to illuminate the target space at night. Uses include night sports, lighting roads, night architecture and night photography. Today’s wireless solar flood lights need to have a lumen rating of 700-1400 lumens, and the intensity needs to increase with the increase of regional lighting demand. The main difference between wireless solar flood lights and other lights is the propagation of light. LED work lights and flashlights tend to concentrate and focus on areas where wireless solar flood lights diffract and cover large areas.

How do wireless solar flood lights work?

Wireless solar flood lights use sun force to generate electricity or wattage, store energy and selectively choose when to use energy to power LED bulbs or a series of LEDs. The basic components of wireless solar flood lights are solar panels, battery, photosensitive sensors, motion sensors and bright LED chips components. Solar panel is a device used to capture advanced solar force in solar cells and generate electricity consumed by the system. The battery is the part that stores the electricity generated by the solar panel. Using the wireless solar flood lights, the battery life enables the device to work all night in automatic mode. Photoelectric sensor and motion sensing detector are two functions that make wireless solar flood lights more intelligent than standard light. Photoelectric sensors are components that can determine whether the outside is dark or bright. The detection range of wireless solar flood lights is the area that can detect the motion within a specific radius from the sensor. The two components work together to ensure that the wireless solar flood lights are turned on only at night and when motion is detected. If one of the detectors trips but the other does not, the lamp will not turn on. The last component is arguably the most important led. Choose LED bulbs over other bulbs because they consume very little light.

How Long Do wireless solar flood lights last?

Wireless solar flood lights will last for a long time, but the batteries need to worry about the main factor of wear. All batteries have the so-called battery cycle, which occurs when the battery is fully charged and completely discharged. Every battery, even a rechargeable battery, goes through a certain number of charging cycles before it shows signs of performance degradation. Different weather conditions (including extreme temperature and humidity) can also lead to battery performance degradation, and may affect the life of wireless solar flood lights. This kind of weather proof and frost proof wireless solar flood lights can reduce unnecessary wear and tear. The service life of the xxx itself is up to 50000 hours. With some simple mathematical calculations, this means that the LED movement in wireless solar flood lights can last more than 8000 nights. The calculation does not even consider the light detection on / off switch of the intelligent outdoor sports sensor, which can make the LED wattage last longer by turning off the LED wattage when it is not in use.


High quality wireless solar flood lights are a great way to apply new outdoor lighting to outdoor spaces without having to hire an electrician to set up new wiring for the lights. As the wireless solar flood lights is a separate unit, you only need a screwdriver and some lights to enjoy the benefits of having floodlights. Since these devices are stand-alone and can last for several years, compared with other floodlights on the market, wireless solar flood lights are a very convincing argument when they are viewed. Wireless solar flood lights are not only more attractive in terms of convenience and use, but also a more environmentally friendly solution that will save you money in the long run.

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