What do you do if the led panel light (led office light) stops working?

The LED light stops working, there are mainly two reasons, one is the light source, and the other is the power supply. At present, the light source of LED lights is composed of LED lamp beads. First, disconnect the power at home, open the lampshade, and use a multimeter to measure whether the LED light source is broken (the lamp beads are generally connected in series), if it is, then looks at the style of the light source, and just buy the same light source and replace it. Pay attention to the voltage scale of the light source when purchasing, and buy light sources of the same voltage. If there is no problem with the light source detected by a multimeter, then it depends on whether it is a power supply problem. Generally, LED office lights use an external power supply, so just buy a power supply and replace it directly. Some LED lamp manufacturers use a bad power supply. The power supply is the most problematic component.

LED panel light (office panel light)
It is a high-class indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy and anodized. The light source is LED. The design of the whole fixture is beautiful and simple, luxurious and luxurious. It not only has excellent lighting effects but also brings beauty to people.

Features LED panel light (office panel light)
The LED panel light has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect, with good illumination uniformity, soft light, comfortable and bright, and can effectively reduce eye fatigue.

Advantage of LED panel light (office panel light)
The most important advantage of LED panel lights is to reverse the point light source to have a dazzling glare phenomenon, to achieve a uniform, soft, bright, and non-glare surface light source luminous effect

How to distinguish the quality of LED panel lights (office panel light) is a major difficulty facing consumers today!
The LED lights (office panel lights) on the market nowadays are good and bad, and the prices vary greatly, and the quality of LED lamps from different manufacturers is even farther apart. Nowadays, we have not made compulsory certification requirements and related industry and product standards for LED lamps. Therefore, the current LED lamp market can be said to be mixed with many kinds of LED lamps. Here I will focus on replacing traditional LED lamps. For the LED panel lights of the grid lamp panel, the 600*600mm LED panel lights currently on the market have a higher price of several hundred dollars per set, and the cheap ones have a set of dozens of dollars. It can be said that the price gap is unbelievable. Shenzhen bbier lighting co, ltd., a professional manufacturer of LED lamps, has many years of industry experience in the LED industry and has a deep and thorough understanding of various LED lamps. Among the components of the LED panel light, the LED light source, the panel light aluminum frame, the light guide plate, and the LED driver account for a relatively large proportion of the cost. Others such as dispersion plates, reflectors, and labor costs are relatively low.

1.Let’s talk about the LED light source first, it is best to use Philips chips. Such as 3030 SMD LED, 2835 SMD LED, etc.

2. The outer frame of the panel light has four functions: one: Heat dissipation; Two: Fix the internal components of the panel light; Three: Beautiful appearance; Four: Anti-extrusion protection of the lamp from damage. At present, there are many kinds of profiles for LED panel lights on the market, so the gap between the most expensive and cheap is more than doubled, although the overall effect is much worse.

3. Light guide plate, one of the main components in the LED panel light, the effect is very important. Many manufacturers in the market claim to adopt imported light guide plates. In fact, the current LED panel lights sold in the domestic market do not have light guide plates. One piece is a domestically produced light guide plate, which is not realistic and unnecessary. However, if the quality of the light guide plate is poor, it will result in uneven light emission, large light loss, poor light efficiency, and other undesirable consequences. At present, China uses more acrylic engraved light guide plates and silkscreen light guide plates produced in Shanghai and Guangdong. The cost of the light guide plate is slightly higher than that of the silkscreen light guide plate. The thickness, uniformity, and light output of the light guide plate determine the price of the light guide plate.

4. LED drive power supply. At present, the technology of LED drive power supply has become mature. As long as it is purchased from regular manufacturers, it can basically be used for one to two years, and high-quality power supplies can work longer to reach three to five years. Although there are many power supplies on the market that only last for a few months or even light up for a day or a few days, the price gap of the drivers is also terrible.

First, Look at the overall ‘power factor of the lamp’: low power factor means that the driving power and circuit design used are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the lamp! The power factor is low, and the life of the lamp with the best lamp beads will not belong.

The power factor is high or low, it can be detected with the ‘power factor meter’! Generally, the power factor requirement of export LED lamps is above 0.85. If the power factor is lower than 0.5, it should be said that the product is not qualified or the product has a short lifespan, and the actual power consumption is twice as high as the standard. That is to say, compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, It doesn’t save electricity at all! So, this is the reason why LED lamps need to be equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency driving power.

Secondly, Look at the ‘premises for heat dissipation of lamps-materials and structure’: the heat dissipation of led lamps is also very important, lamps with the same power factor and lamp beads of the same quality, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures, The light decay will be great, and the lamp life will be reduced.

At present, the main heat dissipation materials used are copper, aluminum, and PC. Copper has better heat conduction than aluminum, and aluminum has better heat conduction than PC. Nowadays, the heat sink material generally uses aluminum at most, preferably insert aluminum, car aluminum (aluminum) Profiles, extruded aluminum) followed by better-cast aluminum, insert aluminum has a better heat dissipation effect. If the air convection method is adopted to dissipate heat, the insulation problem of the circuit and the power supply must be dealt with. Otherwise, the lamp works in a relatively humid environment, and it is easy to short-circuit the circuit and cause your safety accident!

Third, Look at the driving power used by the lamp. Compared with other parts of the lamp, the service life of the power supply is much shorter. The service life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lamp. The theoretical life of the lamp bead is 5 (1) 0 million hours. The service life of the power supply is 0.2 million hours. The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply.

Fourth, The quality of the lamp beads: The quality of the lamp beads mainly depends on the quality of the chip and the packaging skills.

Fifth, Look at the light effect: the same lamp bead power, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the lower the power consumption, the more energy-saving.

Sixth, Look at the power supply efficiency. The higher the power supply efficiency, the better. The higher the power supply, the lower the power consumption and the greater the output power.

Seventh, Look at if it complies with safety standards? What certifications are there?

Eighth, Look at the details of the led panel light and see whether the details are exquisite enough, and the appearance is exquisite enough.