LED street lamps are the most purchased street lamp in the street lamp market in 2018. Because of its energy-saving and green characteristics, both the government and individuals are willing to buy LED street lamps. With more and more purchase orders, LED street lamp manufacturers With more and more tasks, the demand for LED street lights is also growing.

The sales model of LED street lights in 2018 has changed a lot from the past. From running customers across the country in previous years, it has become online sales. But no matter what kind of marketing you use, first of all, the quality of LED street lights is the first. Quality includes many parts, such as the quality of lamps and the ordering of street light poles. Of course, customers want one-stop shopping, which is impossible. Find a manufacturer of LED lamps, and find another manufacturer of LED poles there. Therefore, the service tracking of LED street lamp manufacturers is also particularly important.

In recent years, intelligence has become more and more common in our lives, and the same is true for the street light industry exhibition. Smart street lights, smart street lights, Internet + street lights, these products are all for better user experience.
No matter which city street lighting has always been the focus of power consumption, in order to save energy, with LED street lights, if you add intelligent control, you can save energy by 20% on the original LED street lights

The feature of the solar street lamp:
The first integrated design of the radiator and the lamp housing, the LED is directly connected to the housing, and the heat dissipation wing of the housing is convectively dissipated by the air, which fully guarantees the service life of the LED street lamp for 50000 hours. Calculated based on working 12 hours a day, its life span is also more than 10 years, and the maintenance cost is extremely low; the lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which can effectively dissipate heat, waterproof and dust proof. The surface of the lamp is treated with anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion, and the whole lamp reaches the IP65 standard;
The single elliptical reflecting cavity is designed with a spherical solitary surface to control the light emitted by the LED within the required range, which improves the uniformity of the light output of the lamp and the utilization rate of light energy, and highlights the energy-saving advantages of LED street lamps. Compared with the traditional sodium lamp, it can save more than 60% of electricity

No bad glare, no flicker. It eliminates the glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by the bad glare of ordinary street lights, and improves driving safety; there is no delay in starting, and the normal brightness is reached when power is on, without waiting, eliminating the long-term starting process of traditional street lights; green and environmentally friendly Pollution: No pollution elements such as lead, mercury, etc., and no pollution to the environment;
Combining with solar energy is an excellent partner, giving full play to the advantages of LED DC low voltage work and energy saving and environmental protection. The combination of solar photo voltaic panels and LED light sources can achieve the best cost performance and high reliability for customers.

Smart street light
Own independent IP geolocation remote controllable operation status tracking road condition monitoring public facilities management LED and big data
Cloud computing, communication technology, urban public management, security and emergencies, the Internet of things, response capabilities
Intelligent lighting control platform, based on wireless communication technology, mainly includes: intelligent street light controller, centralized manager, energy-saving monitoring platform
The energy-saving monitoring platform can be controlled. You can use a computer or mobile phone to manage the entire intelligent lighting platform and make strategies to make the management more intelligent.

Smart city is a large system and big data sharing model. Smart city home system is used as the framework foundation of the Internet of Things, and the new generation of information technology is used to manage and operate urban municipal public facilities in a large system. This is a more advanced stage of urban evolution. . As the public infrastructure of the city, street lights have undergone a series of changes from manual control switches to automatic time and space, from single lighting functions to multi-functional smart light poles. Nowadays, smart light poles are slowly entering the public’s field of vision.
The smart light pole is based on the street light pole, and has developed a smart street light product that integrates various advanced information technology innovation and composite applications. It combines intelligent lighting, atmospheric environment monitoring and collection, road and bridge key building monitoring, Bluetooth communication, and WIFI hotspots. , WIFI probe, 4G coverage security LED light pole screen information release, emergency, visual broadcasting and electric vehicle smart charging pile and other functions. The product adopts a modular structure design. Customers can choose different functional modules according to their own needs and applications to provide better service and technical support for the owners and the end users of their services.
As smart street lights have the four characteristics of large numbers, good locations, inherently electrified, and easy to expand, they are the carrier of the urban Internet of Things.
The entire smart light pole includes centralized control system, wireless antenna base station, video monitoring management, LED light pole screen broadcast control system, real-time monitoring of urban environment, emergency call system, charging pile system and other applications.
In the future, smart street lights will account for the main market. The next few years will be the blowout period of smart street lights