Under the conditions of market competition, a small number of manufacturers lack integrity. When some customers do not understand the performance and quality of led neon tube, inferior products produced and manufactured are dumped at low prices in the market, which affects the reputation of led neon tube.

In order to familiarize customers with led neon tube and understand led neon tube, we briefly introduce to you here: what is a high-quality led neon tube?

Advantages of high-quality led neon tube:
1. The overall luminescence is uniform, no color spots, no black spots
2. There are few false soldering and pin-touching phenomenon, no short circuit or no light
3. The main line uses 21 copper core wires, which is not easy to break the main line, so as not to cause the whole line to be dark
4. The inner core mold material is relatively thick; it is not easy to be damaged after the pin is inserted, and it is not easy to cause a short circuit and burn
5. The surface is smooth, the rubber material is soft and clean, without impurities; the rubber material is full and feels good; the cutting edge has a correct imprint
6. The lamp beads are supplied by relatively stable domestic manufacturers, with small color difference and uniform brightness throughout the batch
7. Complete accessories, fine packaging (high-grade rubber shaft, not easy to break), and detailed installation instructions are enclosed
8. After installation, it is not easy to cause problems, has a long service life, and reduces maintenance costs.

The market of led neon tube is a mixed place, and units with business licenses to undertake projects account for only 30% of the market. Bbier has independent design, production, and installation capabilities, good reputation, good product quality, and post-maintenance. It is the first choice for customers.

Bbier produced varies of led neon tube, with SMD 2835/3528/5050RGB and so on for your choices. Bbier’s led neon tube have been applied certifications of CE and ROHS.

Bbier is integrated factory. We have our own factory and international trade groups. Bbier mainly produce led neon tube, including daily life indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. IP65 and IP68 Waterproof for all conditions. All backed by a 5 year warranty. Safety and quality guaranteed.

OEM/ODM is at your service.

Are you interested in Bbier’s led neon tube? Just have a call or contact us online, you will be pleasantly surprised to find us a good and reliable supplier, as well as interesting partner in global business.