Personalized led sign is a noble professional linear lighting decoration product. It looks like an ordinary neon light, but it can be bent arbitrarily. This product is shatter-resistant and waterproof, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

What are the features of personalized led sign?

1. Personalized led sign is entirely made of curved soft neon flexible lights with led lights inside.

2. Because personalized led sign is curved, it can be customized at will, and it can show the effect of the design drawing.

3. The soft neon light of personalized led sign is in a circular arc shape, without sharp corners protruding, and it looks more comfortable.

4. Personalized led sign uses low-voltage led lights, which consume less power and have a long service life.

5. Personalized led sign will not produce high heat when it emits light for a long time.

6. The light is uniform, the colors are diverse, and the color changes of gradation and jump can be realized.

7. Easy to transport.

What are the advantages of personalized led sign?

1. Impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weatherproof, strong height, and traditional neon lights do not have the ability to protect, very easy to be broken, incomplete and leaking to pollute the environment, afraid of rain and storms.

2. The summed-up cost is 50% of traditional neon lights, and 300% of the market price. The craftsmanship is simple, while traditional neon lights are complex and expensive.

3. The human body will not get an electric shock when using a safe voltage, and the material has insulating properties. The font can announce colorful brilliance, the color can be changed arbitrarily, the font is clear, and the personalized led sign has a strong sense of reality. There will be no missing strokes. Traditional neon lights must use a transformer to increase the voltage of 200 volts to 15,000 volts. The inert gas in the glass tube (less than 10,000 volts does not work) emits a single color of light along the edge of the text pattern. Two sets of glass are required to install two sets As long as the gas leaks slightly or the glass tube is broken, it shows the phenomenon of lack of strokes and fewer strokes.

4. Using the combination of electronic technology and polymer materials, calligraphy and painting can emit light all over the body. At the same time, our company has also developed a common luminous effect technology that has a common font edge luminescence and side surface luminescence. The overall visual effect is good, at low temperature (-40℃) It can work at high temperature (+60℃), and the time can reach more than ten thousand hours.

5. In addition to the places where traditional neon lights touch, it can also work in flammable and explosive environments such as gas, gas, and poisonous gas. The brightness of the traditional neon lights cannot be adjusted, but the luminous characters of the polymer colorful neon lights can change the control conditions without any stroboscopic and flashing benefits.

6. Compared with traditional neon lights, it can save more than 80% of electricity under the same light-emitting area and display function. The electricity bills saved by users for a year can be recovered for the investment of installing new neon lights.

Who are we?

Shenzhen Bbier Lighting Co,.LTD. is one of the most professional manufacturers for personalized led sign in China. We are qualified for ISO9001, FCC, CE, ROHS, our products have been sold to over 200 countries. We get three QC processes:1.For raw materials;2.During the half of production; 3.Final QC test one by one after aging 12 hours. Quality is guaranteed.
We’re dedicated to creating high-end neon art in the world.With over 5000 square meters dust-free workshop, automatic production lines, modernized equipment and 100 employees,20 engineers, 30 QC etc, qualified work team. Every neon art is designed by true heart, meticulous craftsmanship, constantly improve, and always keep exploiting, make every neon art perfect.
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