Everyone knows that street lights are mainly used for streets. Traditional street lights use electricity. Traditional street lights are not only complicated to install, require high electricity and maintenance costs, but also have potential safety hazards.

With the recommendation of the national new energy-saving and environmental protection, solar street lamp series are gradually replacing ordinary street lights. This energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar street lamp series has attracted the attention of the whole society as soon as it is launched. With the development of solar street lamp series, all in one integrated solar street lamp series are gradually being known. So what is all in one integrated solar street lamp series?

The all in one integrated solar street lamp series are relative to the split solar street lamp series. In simple terms, all in one integrated solar street lamp series are to integrate the battery, controller, and LED light source into one lamp holder, and then configure the battery panel, light pole or arm to install.

The main feature of this type of all in one integrated solar street lamp series is that it is easy to install and can be installed directly by screwing screws, eliminating the need for installing battery panel brackets, installing lamp holders, and making battery pits for traditional split solar street lamp series, greatly saving labor and construction costs. All in one integrated solar street lamp series have been upgraded in design and performance, such as batteries. Now most batteries for all in one integrated solar street lamp series are installed with lithium batteries, which are far higher in performance than traditional street lamp batteries.

There are many factors in the price of all in one integrated solar street lamp series. Take rural solar street lamp series as an example. According to our experience, rural roads are generally narrower, and the wattage is generally from 10 watt to 30 watt. If the road is narrow and only lighting is used, 10 watts is enough. You can choose different options according to the road width and usage. For example, we install 20 watt, 15 watt and 10 watts all in one integrated solar street lamp series in rural areas. The general lighting time is all night lighting.

The difference between all in one integrate solar street lamp series and traditional street light is that all in one integrated solar street lamp series rely on the solar conversion power to generate electricity, and there is no need for city electricity. So the more rainy days supported, the longer the lighting time. Whether to embed light poles is an important part of the all in one integrated solar street lamp series budget, which can determine the overall budget of 20% to 30%.

Bbier Lighting is a professional solar street lamp series supplier & manufacturer in China for 10 years. Our solar street lamp series have 30w, 40w, 60w, 100w, 120w, 150w and 200w. All integrated solar street lamp series are CE ROHS approved and 3 year warranty. The important thing is that we are a manufacturer, so we can also customize different types solar street lamp series according to customers’ requirements. You are welcome to inquire and purchase any time!