A corn bulb led is an meeting of light-emitting diodes(LEDs) on a metal structure. They are called corn bulb led because the way wherein the yellow LEDs are assembled at the fixture resemble corn kernels on a corn cob. Corn bulb led are intended to offer a high output of light the use of LEDs, which requires a huge quantity of diodes. The diodes (which sometimes can number within the hundreds) are established to a metal “cob” that has as a good deal surface vicinity as possible to preserve the diodes cool.

Because the fixture is cylindrical, it’s look is just like a cob of corn, as a consequence earning it the name of a “corn lamp” or “corn bulb led.” Regardless of the call, though, those furnishings are widely known inside the lighting enterprise for his or her high light output and occasional electricity utilization, a aggregate that can paintings wonders for each the lighting fixtures nice and cash saved in your property or commercial enterprise.

Corn bulb led are named for its appearance as they resemble the corn on the cob. They have strains of rectangular light diodes on all sides in their tube. The cob includes person LED lighting which could vary from 80 to 108 lights. The wide variety of lighting fixtures depends at the style and length of the bulb.

Corn bulb led are designed as an strength efficient replacement to excessive intensity discharge (hid) lamps and HPS lamps. They use a big arrangement of LEDs on their metal structure to offer a big quantity of light. This association of LEDs closely resembles a corn cob, as a result the name “corn bulb led”.

They are used in locations like vehicle parks, soccer stadiums, avenue lights—everywhere that requires a lot of light. Unlike halogen HID lamps and HPS lamps, corn bulb led can offer a massive amount of light efficaciously, at the same time as nevertheless retaining a huge color spectrum. If you are searching out a more green, inexpensive replacement for a HID/HPS lamp, corn bulb led will be the right product for you.

Are you in want of a brief and easy answer to convert your outdoor lighting fixtures to energy-green LEDs? look no in addition than corn bulb led. These bulb-formed lamps are filled with loads of individual light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which might be all constant to a steel warmness-dissipation detail.

At as much as 75% extra efficient than metal halide, excessive-stress sodium, or incandescent bulbs, corn lamps are speedy turning into an apparent solution for those looking to retrofit their lighting with green LEDs, saving money on your energy bill even as also getting the outdoor lights which you need for your property or commercial enterprise.

What Is An Corn Bulb Led Used For?

Corn bulb led are a outstanding solution for dual carriageway lighting, road lighting, and bollard pathway lights, among a number of other applications. We’ve supplied an evidence of what they’re and what you must look for in a great corn bulb led product.

What Kind of Fixture Can Corn Bulb Led Be Used In?

Many screw-in sockets will be given a corn bulb led, however you will must make certain you have got the proper one. There are corn lamps for E40, E27(Edison), magnate (E39) and medium(E26) base, and extra are being advanced in the mean time to healthy a wider variety of socket packages.

If you have any worries approximately whether or not your fixture may be capable of be set up with a corn lamp, please talk over with the manufacturer, who should list the precise programs in their corn lamp products. if you have any additional questions on where to install corn lamps, our customer support crew at Bbier lighting would like to help you at 181-2383-0069.

How Do I Install Corn Bulb Led?

It’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Just make certain the corn bulb led’s dimensions will healthy into the luminaire that you are trying to install it in. On the grounds that corn lamps are so clean to install, once you have got the proper product in your fixture you gained need to worry approximately complex installation instructions or wiring, that is every other cause corn lamps are such an clean manner to utilize LED lights in your property or enterprise.

Where Can I Use Corn Bulb Led?

Corn bulb led are wonderful replacements for any high lumen-output lights, consisting of those programs.

  • Posttop Lamps
  • Bollard Pathway lights
  • outside Wall Packs
  • toll road lights
  • Indoorshigh Bay Lamps
  • road lighting fixtures

How to Choose the Best Corn Bulb Led?

Named after their resemblance to an ear of corn,corn bulb led save electricity and are in particular bright. The bulb is produced from small LED light bulbs which create an excessive brightness, allowing you to look extra sincerely. they’re ideal for plenty distinct indoor and outside applications such as street lighting, parking masses, high bays, protection lighting fixtures and plenty of greater. Making the transfer from incandescent mild bulbs to LED bulbs is an incredible selection, but there are numerous elements that ought to be taken into consideration when deciding on the exceptional corn light.


Wattage is a measurement of the amount of electricity consumed by the light bulb. Power efficient bulbs use fewer watts to give off to present off the equal quantity of brightness. due to this no longer most effective help reduce electricity price however in addition they help lower electric bills.

Color Temperature

Color temperature refers back to the color look of the light that comes from a light source. it is an vital overall performance function to asses whilst comparing bulbs because the color temperature creates the temper of the distance you’re lighting and might accordingly influence buying conduct or paintings performance. the obvious coloration of a light source is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter the light. There are a variety of colours to pick from however, the most popular are white or a blue shades.

Lumen Output

With new mild bulbs, shopping by lumens is more important than buying by means of watts whilst choosing which strength-green bulb to buy. at the same time as wattage measures the amount of power required to mild products, lumens measure the quantity of light produced. because of this the greater lumens the product has, the brighter the mild source is. as a substitute of purchasing products based totally on how a lot energy they consume (watts), clients must remember how much mild they supply us (lumens).


Dimming XXX gives you the same sort of flexibility and manage you could assume out of your incandescent bulbs. With such a lot of improvements to this era, it has emerge as less difficult to find the correct power-green substitute to paintings together with your dimming system. you may keep extra electricity and find a big discount for your electrical invoice even as still getting the amount of mild which you want with dimmable LEDs. customers additionally use those dimmers for music lighting fixtures–where desirable ambient mild ranges are wished however in which a dimmed mild placing is likewise perfect.


In case you are placing your lighting fixture near or on an interior or exterior vicinity wherein water or other beverages may additionally float on electrical additives, a moist region lights application is a totally vital factor to don’t forget. moist region lights are designed to offer amazing safety towards moisture. that is critical if you plan on setting your LED anywhere challenge to rain, humidity, or some other sort of damp place.

Heat Dissipation

An awesome corn lamp must cool itself with its aluminium shape, which possesses a whole lot of surface that built-in the warmth to break out. built-in case your corn lamps built-in a excessive-temperature, you’ll need to cognizant of the way hot your LED corn bulbs are built-in, and modify thus. Built-in which you purchase corn cob lamps which might be made for the temperature conditions you’ll be them built-in and also you shouldn’t run this hassle.

A few corn lamps are manufactured with fans and, whilst this does sound useful built-in, those fanatics have validated to be basically, a fan is a cheap way to make a corn lamp. The fan’s motor will die out lengthy before the LEDs fade out and fail, and that’s best if the fan isn’t stopped built-in built-in or dust earlier than its full lifespan can play out. The photograph to the left a corn lamp from the manufacturer. The complicated structure of will expend the heat higher than a fan would and help your LED corn bulb run successfully for a long term.

LED Quality

There is more than a few exceptional LED chips. The cheaper ones can have low colour Rendering Index(CRI). That manner, you could buy corn lamps and different LED bulbs that mimic whatever light temperature and color you are seeking out, from cool white to heat yellow. Bbier lighting uses chips made with the aid of Samsung, which are a number of the fine inside the industry.

Protective Cover

So that it will offer proper performance of the LEDs over the years, a transparent plastic protecting must cowl the diodes to protect them from dirt and bugs. this can keep the mild first-rate from diminishing as you operate the LED corn bulb. If you find a manufacturer that isn’t the use of obvious plastic masking over their LEDs, then you definitely shouldn’t buy that product. This is a good indicator that the corn lamp product isn’t excessive high-quality and gained’t ultimate very long in something application you install it in.

What Kinds of Bulbs Can I Replace with Corn Bulb Led?

Just about any bulb with a matching base. The most essential thing to check is that your corn lamp will match in your luminaire with the duvet on it. you can check product dimensions on each product page of the Bbier lighting internet site. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our customer service team.

What Types of Corn Bulb Led Does Bbier Lighting Recommend?

The high-quality of the goods from Bbier lighting continuously galvanize us. We manufacture a complete range of corn lamps among 18 and o150 watts (able to replacing HIDs among 50w and 400 watts).  When you have any additional questions or concerns about corn lamps or LED corn bulbs, please attain out to our group of lighting fixtures experts at your comfort. Our dedicated customer support group is available by means of smartphone at 1-81-2383-0069 anytime Monday thru Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm. We stay up for assisting with your undertaking!