What is an LED explosion proof light?

In the current era of lighting, many people may wonder, what are LED  explosion-proof lights? Where are explosion-proof lights mainly used? What is the difference between LED explosion-proof lamps and ordinary lamps? Please review the information below:

LED explosion-proof lamps are general explosion-proof lighting lamps. LED explosion-proof lamps are  lighting equipment that can work properly in flammable and explosive environments ,it will not produce sparks, arcs or overheating ,LED explosion-proof lamps are suitable for hazardous places ,such as: Wastewater treatment,oil and gas refineries ,drilling rigs ,offshore platforms,peterochemical facilities,chemical plants ,coal mines,avation bases ,food plant ,Pharmaceutical plant,beverahe facilities,and where flammable vapors,gases ,ignitable dusts ,fibers or flying are present(These places contain flammable gases, steam, dust, or liquids).

Please see the picture below for the application of our LED explosion-proof lights. The application is located at oil extraction and excavation sites. We can see explosion-proof lights installed on site at work, because using LED explosion-proof lights in dangerous places must have a certain degree of safety and durability. It can not only ensure the personal safety of workers, but also improve our performance under high-quality lighting effects. work efficiency!

Introduction to the process of LED explosion-proof light 

The llight shell of the LED explosion-proof lamp uses international aluminum alloy casting technology-Made of corrosion-resistant, waterproof and explosion-proof materials and special sealing technology and the lampshade is made of tempered glass, which makes the lamp high purity, fast heat conduction, high heat insulation performance, air duct type heat dissipation structure, and low temperature rise.Cables, power control systems, etc. all meet explosion-proof requirements. When the lamp is working normally, it can produce sparks, arcs or high temperatures. The components are placed in a flameproof shell. The flameproof shell can withstand the internal explosion pressure without being damaged, and can ensure that the internal flame gas reduces the energy when it propagates through the gap. to detonate the gas in the enclosure. Widely used in corrosive, flammable and explosive gases !

Advantages of explosion-proof lights

  • Energy saving
  • Environmental protection
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long working life-About 50000 hours or more than

Compared with traditional lighting equipment, LED explosion-proof lamps can save energy by more than 70%, effectively reduce environmental pollution, and are more durable and long-lasting than traditional lamps in terms of service life.

What are the certification requirements for LED explosion-proof lights?

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • ATEX (Atmosphere Explosibles)
  • IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive Atmosphere)

These are certifications belonging to internationally recognized testing agencies. These certifications ensure that LED explosion-proof lights meet the highest safety standards and are suitable for use in hazardous environments.

What styles of explosion-proof lights are there?

So what are the styles of explosion-proof lights we commonly use? For example : Line explosion-proof lights、Three-proof explosion-proof lights、Explosion-proof emergency lights、Lampshade flameproof type、LED explosion-proof panel light、LED explosion-proof floodlight、LED explosion-proof industrial and mining lampexplosion proof LED portable electric hand lamps etc. Because different places have different requirements for LED explosion protection lights, there are many types of LED explosion protection lights provided. For example, some LED explosion protection lamps adopt a spherical design, which can provide 360-degree lighting without blind spots; while other LED explosion protection lamps may be designed to be installed directly on machines or equipment. Different styles bring more convenience to users. Convenient and flexible solution !

What precautions should we pay attention to when using explosion-proof lights?

  • When using it for the first time, please make sure the battery is fully charged, so as to effectively extend the service life of the battery.
  • Please perform switch control according to your lamp style.
  • Please adjust the appropriate width and angle according to your work situation, which can improve work efficiency.
  • Please remove the lamp immediately during use to avoid damage caused by malfunction or loss.
  • Please remember to charge and maintain the battery in time. When the battery is damaged, it can be replaced to avoid affecting normal use.
  • Please store it in a safe environment when not working to prevent the explosion-proof lamp head from being suffocated or flooded to avoid unnecessary damage.

Note: Please note that the above instructions are for your reference only. For specific usage, please operate your lamp according to the steps of your product model and product manual !

Generally speaking, LED explosion-proof lights are an innovative solution that provides reliable lighting for hazardous places. While using LED technology to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, it also greatly reduces safety risks in hazardous places. It is an essential safety equipment for industries operating in hazardous environments. Due to their excellent performance and wide applicability, LED explosion protection lights are gradually replacing traditional hazardous site lighting equipment and becoming the mainstream choice for hazardous workplaces in the future. They also assure end users that LED explosion-proof lights will operate safely and effectively in the intended environment,Therefore, in flammable and explosive places, you can safely choose Bbier’s explosion-proof lighting products!