What is an LED Retrofit Kit?

Not all lighting fixtures are created equally.

In large lighting installations, like commercial lighting applications found in commercial offices, one lighting fixture type is often used repeatedly in a vast grid.

In offices, lighting fixtures are often made to fit in drop ceiling layouts. These fixtures, sometimes called  “troffers” because they look like an overturned troff with a light in the center, are the most common.

Like all traditional lighting, troffer fixtures have dimensions that allow for traditional bulbs to fit, heat to dissipate, drivers and wiring to sit, and anchor points for attaching or placing the fixture in a its desired location.

Because LED lighting is lighter, thinner, integrated, and puts out less heat than a traditional fixture—like our troffer—  it can require a kit to correctly refit the older fixture.

An LED retrofit kit is usually little more than an LED light with an integrated connection allowing the new lamp to easily sit in the old fixture.

Why are LEDs Retrofit kits and corn bulbs taking over?

An increasing number of people are switching to LED lighting due to the benefits that it offers. LED lights use almost 90% less energy compared to incandescent bulb and are 60-70% more efficient than metal halide or HPS lighting. People are turning towards LEDs to save money on their electric bills, plain and simple. Many energy utilities offer rebate programs for customers moving to more efficient technology, both in home and business. When it comes to saving money, LED lights are the way to go. LEDs are available in a variety of colors which is a favorite trait among many people. The colors range from warm colors for houses to sharp daylight colors for outdoors. Last but not the least, LED products are getting cheaper every day, making them an obvious choice for lighting. If you are replacing or installing any type of lighting, LED lighting is the way to go.

Retrofitting vs New Fixtures:

The advantage of using an LED retrofit kit is that it allows you to keep the original design intact. Install the lamp and driver in your current fixture and remove or bypass any ballast in the circuit. You get to keep the existing fixtures and maintain the look you have come to enjoy. LED panels in retrofit kits usually come with mounting brackets allowing you to position the lamp as you see fit, to focus the light where you want it. No need for reflectors with a directional LED retrofit kit. If you have a parking lot with poles and have no need to replace the fixtures, but it’s time to replace the bulbs and you want to upgrade to LEDs, retrofit kits can be an easy upgrade. In case you need to change the look or even improve its features, then you can go for new fixtures. The new look is very attractive, but fixtures may be a little more expensive. The advantage to new fixtures is an entire fixture designed around the LED lights, to take advantage of the strengths of LED lights. Your choice will completely depend on your affordability and your acceptance of change.

Choosing a color:

One of the best features of these lights is that they are available in many colors. You can select the colors as per your needs. Let’s list the colors down for you:

3000K: A warm white color often used in homes or restaurants. Very easy on the eyes.

4000K: This is a cool white. It is specifically suitable for areas of business or other areas of work where natural lighting would be required indoors.

5000K: This is the LED equivalent of daylight. This one is well suited for large spaces and outdoors like parks, business parking lots and warehouses where bright light is required. This light is specifically recommended to light up large spaces.

A very important fact to keep in mind is that higher Kelvin lights, like 5700 and 6500K LED lights, have warnings against them from the American Medical Association (AMA). They have been found to affect sleep patterns in humans with these intense blue-rich lights. For this reason, these light colors are not recommended.

Mount types:

The mounts that are used in installing LED retrofit lamps are available in two types.

Bracket style – Very popular due to its flexibility in use.

E39 socket – Popular for its simple plug and play installation

E26 Socket – Standard household style base.

These different mounts allow for a variety of simple installs between retrofit kits and corn bulbs, making these options very popular in the LED market.


This LED retrofit kit is perfect for high- and low-bay industrial applications, such as parking lot lights, canopy lights, wall pack lights, and parking garage lighting. The non-weatherproof retrofit kit includes an aluminum LED light engine with cooling fan, a 100-277V AC Mean Well power supply, and brackets for wall mounting or installation in MH light fixtures (ballast can be removed or bypassed). With a life expectancy of 33,000 hours—twice as long as MH bulbs—the LED light reduces costly repairs, disposal fees, and the need for replacements.