The LED corn bulb is composed of small LED lights, which can produce strong brightness. They allow you to see more clearly. When using LED corn bulbs, you do not need to replace the entire lighting fixture. All you need is to replace the light source inside the lamp. There are currently four models: E26, E27, E39, and E40. You can use them for many different indoor and outdoor applications. For example, you can use them as street lights, gardens, warehouses, workshops, parking lots, overheads, security lighting, and so on. It is a good decision to switch from incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, HID, HPS lamps to LED corn lamps.

As a leading LED corn light manufacturer, BBier has created a full guide for you to choose the right corn bulb that meets your requirements. Take a look at these tips for how to choose LED corn lights.

What is LED Corn Bulb?

The LED corn bulb gets its name because of its appearance. They are light-emitting diode (LED) components on LED lights. They all have square LED lines on their surfaces. The diodes (sometimes hundreds) are mounted on a metal “cob” that has as much surface area as possible to keep the diodes cool. They usually have a beam angle of 360 degrees, so their lighting can illuminate any place.

Why more and more People Choose LED Corn Bulbs ?

In recent years, LED lighting has become popular rapidly. there are many reasons. The main reason is that they are more energy efficient than traditional energy-saving lamps, incandescent bulbs, HID and HPS lamps. For example, if HID vs LED, there is no doubt that LED will be the winner. Another reason is that they are easy to install. They don’t need any ballasts, capacitors or igniters, as most traditional lamps do.

As one kind of LED lights, LED corn bulbs have the common advantages as other LED lights,like long life span,energy efficient and so on. They also has other advantages. As they are normally 360° beam angle,they can used to replace all the kinds of traditional lamps which is also 360° beam angle.

Available lamp Base

You can use corn LED lights on most threaded sockets. When you choose a corn lamp, you must make sure that you choose the correct light source. There are LED corn bulbs with E40, E27 (Edison), mogul (E39) and medium (E26) bases, and more are being developed every day.

How to install LED corn bulbs?

It’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb! There are just two things you should pay attention. First,you need to short the ballast if the original lamps use ballast. Second,please make sure the corn lamp’s dimensions will fit into the lighting fixture that you are trying to install.

How to Choose LED Corn Bulbs

1 Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to the color appearance of the light that comes from a light source.

The color temperature creates the mood of the space you are lighting and can thus influence buying behavior or work performance.

Normally, LED corn bulbs are available in various colors. They range from 2700K – 6000K

2700-3000K : This provides a warm white color making it best suited for houses and restaurants.  It creates a softer more relaxing environment

4000K -4500k: This is a white natural light that is great for business are or other work areas. The reason is that it replicates the daylight.

5500K-6500k: It is a white light that is great for large spaces and outdoors.

2 Lumens

While wattage measures the amount of energy required to light products, lumens measure the amount of light produced. This means that when you are looking for the LED bulb, you should look at lumens instead of watts. The more lumens the product has, the brighter the light source is.

Now in the LED lighting market,most of the supplier offer LED lamps with around 100lm/W. But at AIS,our LED corn lamp has the lumens around 130lm-150lm/W. According to this data,you can choose the right LED corn bulbs.

400-watt metal halide = 100W-120W LED corn lamp

250-watt metal halide = 80W-100W LED corn light

150-watt metal halide = 50W-80W LED corn bulb

100-watt metal halide = 30W-50W LED corn bulb

3 Warranty

Warranty is another factor you should consider. It’s not just the service you will get after purchasing. It’s also about quality. If your lighting supplier can offer longer term warranty,it means that their LED corn lights has good quality. At AIS,we normally offer 3- 5 years warranty for our LED corn bulb.

4 Beam angle

In the LED corn lighting market, there are two common LED bulbs. One provides 360-degree light, while the other provides 180-degree light.

LED bulbs that provide 180 degrees of light provide downwardly focused light. On the other hand, corn bulbs provide 360-degree light to illuminate the entire area. They provide light in all directions. With the help of the reflector, you can evenly extinguish the light of the bulb.

You can decide which one to choose according to your needs. They are the best choice for many outdoor and indoor applications.

5 Lighting size

LED Corn bulbs are available in plenty of fittings because there are varied series with different size. Before you choose corn lamps,you need to check the fitting size in order to match your new bulb. At AIS,you can find the right measurements of our corn lamps. It will help you to make the right decision.

6 Input Voltage

The input voltage is another factor you should consider. Normally, the LED corn lamp can support input voltage which is 85-265VAC. This means if the your country’s input voltage is in this range the lamps will work well. But if your input voltage is 277VAC ( in USA), you should choose the lamp which support 277VAC.

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