Everyone wants the freedom to roam his/her compound even at night without bumping into things. You can get this freedom by installing reliable solar street lights such as the 300W solar street lamp.

One of the things you will like about these lights is the ability to produce super bright light. The brightness of the lights is several times higher compared to the traditional brightness. With this kind of brightness, you can go everywhere you want, even at night.

How about the solar street lamp operational life?

We also like that these lights put themselves on at dusk and then automatically switches off at dawn. This is facilitated by a light sensor that can sense when light levels are reducing, which is usually in the evening as night approaches.

The powerful battery is another feature that we like about these lights. They come with a 48000mAh/6.4v big capacity battery that is powered by wide solar panels. The battery provides you with more than 24 hours of continuous lighting.

Most homeowners struggle with street lights because they do not know the ideal lights for their compound. You can ensure your compound and paths are well lit by using reliable lights such as these solar street lamp.

What about solar street lamp efficiency (lumens/watt)?

What we appreciate the most about these particular street lights is that you will enjoy a powerful 12000mAh 12.6v battery. Each light comes with the battery already installed, and all you need is to charge it. Exposing the light to direct sunlight for about six to eight hours will fully charge the battery.

The attributes of these lights are, for sure helpful, but the manufacturers could have included motion sensors. These lights could also have been improved by being endowed with more control options to further save on power.

We also like the ability to regulate through powerful light and motion sensors. Your solar street lamp will be able to conserve power more since they remain in dim mode when there is no motion detected. Once a person comes close to the lights, the level of brightness automatically increases.

You can also be sure that the lights will give you optimum value for what you spend because they produce top-quality white light. The lights’ brightness can go up to 2500 lumens, which is similar to a 65w fluorescent or a 300w incandescent.

Besides, we are impressed by how the designers of these lights ensured that the entire unit is waterproof. The importance of this is that the lights remain outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. Even when it is raining heavily or snowing, you can be assured that your solar street light will be safe.

Most of these lights’ features are top class, but we note that the installation of the lights might require specialized tools. We also note that the lights do not come with mounting posts. You will need to look for the right posts that will be perfect for the lights.


Which will have lower maintenance cost?

We like the fact that this is an all-weather street light which you can use during all seasons. The IP65 waterproof class is among the aspects that allow it to remain functional even during the wet seasons without any of the components being affected by wetness.

The light’s quality is something else we value about these popular lights. You can efficiently light your patio, street, garden, driveway, or any other outdoor space. The lights produce bright white light that can go up to 9600 lumens.

Compatibility with poles of different sizes is also another feature we like. The lights can fit on poles ranging from 2 to 3.4 inches in diameter. There are fastening screws, which ensures the lights remain in position even during very windy days.

When purchasing these lights, you shall be issued with remote control for more efficient control of the lights. With this remote control, you can adjust the brightness depending on preference. You can save more power since you can leave the lights at minimal brightness when going to bed.


With all the positive attributes of these modern lights, we conclude that they are ideal items that can keep your compound safe at all times. Their design makes them perfect to be used in any modern setting where outdoor light is needed.

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