The new Led street lamp fixtures meet the highest criteria of saving and efficient road lighting, actively contributing to the saving of electricity. Trusted Led street lamp manufacturers confirm that Led lighting technology is known for its very low energy consumption, and these street lighting lamps can save up to 40% -80% of the energy bill.

The Advantages of  LED street lights

1.It saves energy

The LED street lamp fixtures use less electricity and hence less energy than incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and other street lightings. Only 5% of energy is convert into heat in LED’s, and rest is used to generate light.

LED’s are perfect to use in building, restaurant and manufacturing industries that can get hot quickly as it reduced energy consumption. These lights emit less heat. Thus, less demand on cooling systems and this makes LED’s a safer and cost-friendly option.


The general lack of standardization in the LED field is an ongoing issue. Various standards relating to LED exist in areas such as automotive lighting and traffic signals.

3. No need for repairing or maintenance

Our best LED street light fixtures are a huge time saver as they don’t require repairing or maintenance. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that abruptly fail anytime but LED’s doesn’t stop working suddenly thus save money on repair and maintenance.

4.Low power consumption

The low power consumption of Led street lamp to significant energy savings.that can often drive the installation of LED-based systems, for example traffic signals.

5. Cost-effective

Now, they are readily available in the price of fluorescent bulbs and simple street lights, thus making them affordable.

The LED street light fixtures also use less energy and convert into 80% of energy. Thus, a slight decrease in your monthly bill and result will be the save of money.

6. It stays for a longer time

The LED street lights have a longer lifespan, almost 5 times more than fluorescent bulbs and other street light technologies. Now, you don’t need to change fluorescent bulbs regularly.

LED’s have a superior quality system embedded that can even last up to 100,000 hours. In addition to quality, LED’s don’t have a filament, due to which they are very durable and stay for a longer time.

The Disadvantages of  LED street lights

  • Temperature sensitivity – Quality of diodes’ lighting is highly dependent on the ambient operating temperature.
  • At high temperatures there are changes in the parameters of the current passing through the semiconductor elements, which can lead to burning out of the Led street lamp.
  • This issue affects only the places and surfaces exposed to very rapid increases of temperature or very high temperature (steel mills).

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