There are many brands of makeup mirrors on the market, and the prices are between 200-500 yuan. Common ones can also be purchased online, and the price is cheaper. So, how can we choose a fashionable and practical makeup mirror?

  • Magnifying mirror
    A mirror with a magnifying glass function can make the face appear more realistic and is a must in the bathroom. With this fixed installation style, you can twist the angle and fix the position at will. Regardless of the height, you can find the most suitable and comfortable posture for looking in the mirror.
  • Folding makeup mirror
    In front of a private bathroom mirror, we usually don’t have any taboos. We want to take a thorough picture from head to toe and adjust our state to perfection. The bathroom mirror with folding design can adjust the angle by yourself to see the back of the hairstyle, the side of makeup and the condition of the back skin. No longer have to take a small mirror to capture everywhere. The folding mirror is available in left and right directions to suit the space and the usage habits of different people.
  • Oval makeup mirror
    Some mirrors look good when they are photographed. Apart from the quality of the mirror itself, it is sometimes affected by psychological factors. The oval mirror is round in shape, and at the same time, it is visually elongated, which makes people look like the person in the painting. The proportion of the composition is right, and it will naturally feel more beautiful.
  • Dream mirror wall
    Imitate the mirror wall in the gym to help you take care of your body more comprehensively and meticulously. The mirror wall system integrates washbasins, storage cabinets, and lighting to make the bathroom space more tidy and orderly. There are two sizes of single basin and double basin to choose from. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the mirrored wall will enhance its design quality.

According to the style of home and bathroom, choose the matching style of makeup mirror, which should be consistent with the overall style. For example, oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, square mirrors are more suitable for Chinese style and so on.
Ordinary makeup mirrors will become dim if they are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and even rust and fall off. Therefore, the waterproof and rust-proof functions of the makeup mirrors should be paid attention to.
In addition, you must shop around when buying, so that you have more opportunities to buy a suitable makeup mirror. If you still don’t know how to buy, you can take a look at the following reference links for everyone to recommend.