Classroom light also call led linear high bay lights refer to a type of light specially used for the lighting of classrooms, libraries, office and other areas. In the process of reading a book, students will instinctively get close to the book in order to read the words clearly if the light is relatively dark. In this case, a long time will easily lead to myopia. It can be seen that choosing the right led classroom lighting fixtures is very important to protect the eyesight health of students.

Obviously, it is found that many students have myopia. This phenomenon is frightening. Nowadays, people’s requirements for living standards have been improving, and health requirements have also been paid more and more attention. Due to the gradual improvement of medical standards, people’s health problems have been solved logarithmically, but there is still a disease that cannot be solved. Control, that is myopia.

There are many reasons for myopia, maybe it’s natural, maybe it’s incorrect sitting posture, but I think the most important thing is the light. Myopia is generally formed during the student period, and students spent the first two decades in school. The lighting of the classroom has a great impact on the eyes of students. At this time, we have to consider the lighting problem. In my memory, it was an incandescent lamp before. This light was mainly used for lighting, but this light source does not have much benefit to the eyes. Then, energy-saving lamps are the main functions. It saves electricity, but it is not good for the eyes. These are all third-generation light sources. Then there are LED lights. As the fourth-generation light source, LED lighting is recognized as high-tech, high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and green lamps. It vigorously promotes energy saving and emission reduction, and advocates and supports the use of LED lighting. At present, many schools have introduced this educational light to the classroom.

It is undeniable that LED classroom lights ( linear led high bay light) are indeed good for the eyes. This kind of light source does little damage to the eyes. Now our BBIER has develop a new light–class room light is also called linear led high bay light . It is based on LEDs and has made special protection. The eye protection lamp for myopia is made of aluminum alloy, which has good rust resistance, is not easy to change color, and the panel has good light transmittance. The volume is light, which saves space while ensuring the luminous area, concise and generous.

Shape Chioce

There are round fixture (UFO High Bay Light) and rectangle fixture (Linear High Bay Light)

Circular fixtures cast circular beams and rectangular fixtures cast rectangular beams. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you work out the lighting design for your space. UFO LED high bays certainly have their place, but if you’re going to illuminate a long workbenches or a production line, you may get more efficient results from a rectangular linear LED high bay—maybe.

Our team at LED Lights can provide a free visualizations of lighting using your room dimensions, ceiling height, and work spaces that give you a real feel for how different beam angles and shapes will work with your space. Just give us a call at +0086 18126275897 or email

Using Linear High Bay Light is a Better Choice for Aisle And Corner Lighting

Commercial warehouses, supper market, retail stores have aisles of shelving that need to be well lit all the way down to ground level. Shadowed shelves slow your employees when they’re picking for orders, and in retail they make your merchandise look drab. Fixtures that aren’t designed for aisles waste a lot of their light across the very top shelf, where no one’s looking. With aisle lighting, you’re looking for a rectangular fixture with a beam angle, such as 60˚x 90˚, that will cast light against the faces of your shelves instead of across the top.

And while you’re optimizing the spread of your aisle lighting, you might as well optimize the energy efficiency and operating life as well. LED aisle lighting can extend operating life by 70% to 400% (depending on whether you’re replacing fluorescent, which can last up to 30,000 hours, or metal halide, which loses about 50% of its light output after 10,000 hours).

Also, our LED classroom lights aren’t limited to aisle and corner applications, also widely used in office, workplace, not just in classroom, libraries, retailer store, warehouses—they can be installed in ceilings by hang-mounting.

Our led classroom Light

  • Philips Chips, UL listed Power Supply, Milky Cover
  • Fade resistant and power cost finish
  • Easy installation
  • CE and ROHS listed
  • Beam angle:120 degrees.
  • Aluminum die-casting heat sinks is good for heat dissipation.
  • It’s major to replace the conventiona linear highbay light.
  • Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
  • No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.
  • Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  • Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
  • Environment friendly ,energy saving (70~80%).
  • Special circuit design, each LED work separately,avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.

How to installation for led classroom light?

Step1. Turn off the power before installation.

Step2. Hang the four rings of the lamp with four chains.

Step3. Wiring right(”Black”is connected to”L”,”White”connect to”N”,”Green”to “Ground”).

Step4. Make sure it is secure and finished.