What are pool LED post top lights?

There has been a high demand for LED pool post top lighting over the past several years as it offers many benefits for pool owners. You might be wondering what the term “LED” even stands for. LED means “light emitting diode” which simply signifies that these types of lights have a more powerful system in place compared to standard incandescent bulbs. While LED lights and incandescent lights both get the same job done, there is a great difference in the overall efficiency. LED lights are able to supply a brighter light, have the ability to stay cool for longer periods of time, and overall operate more efficiently.

Benefits of LED post top pool lights

There are many benefits of choosing LED Pool Light Post Top light over a traditional halogen or incandescent style light. While they may be slightly more expensive to purchase, there are many great benefits that make LED lights the best option for your swimming pool. Some of the benefits of choosing LED lights to illuminate your pool include:

Uses less energy and heat:

Energy-efficient features cost less to operate and are better for the environment. When it comes to pool lighting, the best choice for energy efficiency is to use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. These cost pennies a day to operate, compared to approximately $1 each day for incandescent bulbs. Additionally, you don’t need to compromise on quality in order to use the energy-efficient option. LED bulbs are also more durable and are brighter.

Color modes:

LED post top pool lights come in an entire range of different colors to enhance your pool aesthetic. Maybe you want to set a mood to relax around your pool or you want to throw a party, you can change the lights to perfectly fit the setting.

Lower cost:

On average, LED lights use between 25-80% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. Since these lights use less energy, in return the cost to run these lights is a lot less.

Longer lifespan:

Your standard light bulb will last you around 1,000 hours. On the other hand, a similar LED light will last around 50,000 hours which is a significant difference.

After my client remodeled his swimming pool, he introduced our Led post top area light to his brother, and hoped that his brother could have a beautiful swimming pool.

Finally, if you need LED post top light to transform and illuminate the swimming pool, please contact us immediately.