When it comes to how much street lights cost, many of us are afraid of the price of replacing them after buying a street light. In fact, knowing the truth in advance is beneficial to having a successful project. The price of a 100watt street lamp ranges from US$60 to US$150. As roads, sidewalks, sidewalks, squares, etc. are widely used, there are five types of street lamps, solar LED lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamp, and their prices and operating costs are different. India, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada and many other regions are doing LED street lamp replacement. By replacing the LED lights, you will save energy consumption, thereby saving the electricity consumption of led street lights every day. The question is how much can we save?

Led street lighting is an important part of city lighting, traditional street lamps are often used, high pressure sodium lamp 360 degrees of light, light loss caused a huge waste of energy.At present, the global environment is deteriorating day by day, and all countries are developing clean energy.With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand is becoming more and more prominent in our country, and there is a serious shortage of power supply. Energy saving is an urgent problem to be solved.Therefore, the development of new LED street lamps with high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index and environmental protection is of great significance to energy saving of urban lighting.

How Much Does Street Lighting Cost? Is it Expensive to Replace?

Prices vary according to model and power. We now use a 100watt LED equivalent street lamp to illustrate this point. Our LED cost is US$60, and you may find that many companies’ street lights cost between US$80 and US$150. You may experience that the cost of LED street lights is more expensive than halogen or high pressure sodium. This is because the life span of LEDs is much longer, reaching 80,000 hours, which is 8 to 10 times longer than that of MH or other HIDs. Long-term use of LED lights can save more money. We should always consider the costs before and after the purchase-replacement costs and electricity costs for operating street lights.

In addition, we also need manpower and cost to install and replace street lights. The cost of a street light pole is estimated to be between US$2,000 and US$3,000, plus the cost of electrical installation on the street lamp is as high as US$1,000! If your project is a road or bridge, the total cost will increase by more than 20%. Why is the installation price so high? This is because the scheduled lifting platform and labor are very expensive. In addition, the whole process is very time-consuming-imagine that we need to reinstall every street lamp on a 3 km-long highway! Road blockage can also cause significant economic losses; therefore, why not replace it with a higher price but a longer lifespan What about HID 10x street lights? If we don’t need to reinstall the led street lights, we can save $8,000 in replacement costs.

How Much Electricity cost to Run the Street Lights?

With the perfect installation, you can now show end users how much they can save when calculating the power consumption of a street lamp that runs every day.For example, we have a 1 kilometer long two-lane highway with a pole distance of 40 meters, using 100 watt LED street lights, and we have 40 LEDs working at the same time.Taking the average electricity cost of $0.12kW/h as a reference, the running cost of the street lamp is 40 * 100 * 0.12/1000 = $0.48 per hour.If you use metal halide, halogen or high pressure sodium street lamps, we need $1 per hour of running costs to produce the same brightness.If the cost of running 1 km of street lights per day is calculated, based on running 12 hours per day, it is approximately $0.48 * 12 = $5.76 per day, or $172.8 per month (30 days).Due to the high durability of LED lights, the maintenance cost for at least 10 years is almost zero.The power consumption and electricity cost of solar street lamps can be further reduced.

Led Street lighting is closely related to people production and living, with the speeding up of urbanization in our country, LED street lamp with directional light, low power consumption, good drive performance, fast response, high seismic ability, long service life, green environmental protection advantages of gradually into people’s horizons, to become the world’s most advantages instead of traditional light source of a new generation of energy-saving light source, therefore,LED street lights will become the best choice of energy-saving road lighting renovation.

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