Gas Canopy Led Lights is commercial outdoor lighting that is pendant. Recessed or surface mounted to a structure’s ceiling or canopies.LED canopy fixture provides 120 lumens per watt at 5000K Daylight White. At the rated watts, LED bulbs have higher lumens than HID, and have lens. So that  providing a brighter and more consistent light. Canopy lights are use in a myriad of applications. These include walkways, gas stations, garage,parking lot,storage areas, and loading docks.

The right outdoor canopy lighting fixtures are unobtrusive and make the space feel welcoming, safe, and attractive — all of which LED canopy lighting can do for your establishment.Canopy lights are typically used in outdoor spaces that include gas stations, walkways, parking garages, and overhangs.

These units are perfect for withstanding the elements and the needs of canopies. Easy to install with included mounting components, every fixture offers reliable performance you can count on without a hassle. Find the right choice for your business today with these affordable solutions from top brands.

LED Canopy Lights for gas station

Traditional gas stations use low efficiency metal halides to consume a lot of Electricity, Since that they are omnidirectional and that part of the light emitted by this bulbs is something we will never see it, But on the package. This light lost to “Lumen bounce” is still includ in the initial Lumen rating.

LEDs replace old lighting system with a higher quality, more efficient light source. They are available with dimmable to take advantage of ambient lighting.They provide a bright, safe and welcoming experience for customers. LED canopy lights have resistant housings and lenses to withstand demanding conditions of an outdoor environment.

While easy on the eyes at night. Think of the orange-yellow tones that mimic firelight and work well at night versus the harsh and “sickly” color for which fluorescents are known. However, you are a business. Your lights need to be on every night at a minimal cost to you. This of particular importance to gas stations, which frequently offer 24/7 service.When you need to light up a space all night every night, one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly choices you can make is to supply yourself with LEDs.

Choose a better gas canopy led lights offers square canopy light fixtures. The square LED canopy light fixtures have two spec,We have spec that replace 400W and 600W Metal Halide.Our fixtures are up to 6-year warranty,Even if it runs 12 hours a day.  It is more than 13 year, providing you bright, maintenance free lighting for years.This means you can energy savings and maintenance savings – up to 80%.

One of the sign you need to pay attention to is CRI (color rendering index). This is a measurement of the quality of light that the fixture is producing. It is a scale between 0 and 100. Sunlight is 100.LED lights will offer a color rendering index of above 80, they display colors just be close to the sunlight. This feature, coupled with LED’s high color temperatures, make them very capable of illuminating your space at night.

Our canopy lights are available with dimmable that control light to take advantage of ambient lighting.It can save more energy.And because they are instant on / instant off, So if there is a blip in your power supply, they will be instantly lit up when the power comes back on.Are your ready retrofit your existing fixtures over to LED? It may be an option. Using our rebates, you can buy the new one with a lower price. Payback can be relatively short with LED Canopy Lights.


LED Canopy Light Fixtures

We are proud to present a top selection of LED canopy lights, which are extremely tough, and UL or ETL Listed for both damp and wet locations. Also known as LED parking lot lights, they’re ideal for illuminating warehouses, car washes, and walkways, heightening safety and providing improved security for pedestrians.

We stand behind the fixtures we sell with a five-year limited warranty – a guarantee that they’re of the highest quality. We have a huge number of products to choose from, with a wide power consumption range. They’re available in different forms and are perfect for small and big projects with different light output requirements.

When it comes to recess canopy lighting, there are many, many options, and without proper segregation, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right product.

Our website allows you to filter your search and narrow down your choices easily, so finding what you are looking for is simple. You can choose your technology and light output strength. If none of these factors are relevant, it is always useful to look for the most cost-effective item, in terms of power consumption.

Whatever your lighting needs, our website can point you in the right direction. You can also contact us to take advantage of our years of experience. You can rely on us to help you find a solution that works best for you in terms of style and short-term and long-term savings and satisfaction.

What’s the Difference Between Wet and Damp Locations?

“Suitable for damp locations” means fixtures are approve for areas that are regularly in contact with moisture and condensation. Protected from precipitation and storms, they’re able to sustain limited amounts of moisture, instead of direct exposure to water.

“Suitable for wet locations” means that fixtures can withstand direct contact with water, whether it’s anything from a slow drip to a strong surge. In other words, they’re fully functional in outdoor areas that are expose to the elements.

What are canopy lights?

Gas canopy led lights increase security in outdoor areas, like gas stations, loading docks, and underpasses. They’re typically available in square and round shapes, offering heightened visibility to anyone underneath them. Some canopy lights are IP rated, meaning dust and water cannot penetrate them.Lighting needs aren’t limited to the indoors, in fact, outdoor canopy lights can both enhance the architecture of your commercial building and act as a welcome sign for your visitors.

That said, if you are on the lookout for canopy lights, it’s imperative that you make an informed decision.LED canopy lights are the best lighting solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you want to make a customer feel safe pulling into your gas station at night or want your building to look bright and welcoming to visitors, canopy lighting is your best bet. LED canopy lights can also act as a security measure by providing ample light for security cameras and illuminating entrances and exits, especially if you are directing vehicles.


  • Instant on, no flickering
  • No UV and IR radiation
  • Super bright, more than 80% energy efficiency
  • Mercury free, environment friendly
  • Easy retrofitting of existing fixtures
  • Sleak and modern design
  • Long lifespan, less lumen decay.

Information on LED Canopy Lights

Choose from several specs. We offer these lights in a range of specifications such as different wattages, voltage, lumen output, and more. This ensures you find the right choice for the needs of your business without worry. We even offer dimmable options for added versatility. We are sure to have an option for your preferences with this selection.

Vandal resistant reduces theft. In addition to the standard options, we also offer what are called vandal resistant canopy lights with LED lamps. These are made to prevent theft or tampering by criminals which also happens to make them incredibly durable against extreme weather as well.

These are ideal for any location looking to keep their lighting investment intact for years of use.
Backed by lengthy warranties. Made with strong gaskets and powder coat finishes, these are strong and long-lasting solutions. All of these units are durable in their construction from sturdy materials, as well as rated for outdoor use, but they are also back by warranties directly from the manufacturer. With many warranties lasting up to 5 years, you have even more peace of mind when shopping for this important item for your business.

Types Of LED Gas Station Lights

We offer several reliable manufacturers for LED canopy lights. Choose from top rated brands such as Bbier, and more to get the reliable solution your business needs today. Made to replace a range of HID and MH fixtures of various wattages, these traditional LED canopy lights are the perfect way to upgrade your system while saving on utility costs. LED is known to offer superior wattage to lumen output, no heat production, and longer lasting lamps for an incredible value over comparative options.

Choose from multiple voltages and wattages ranging from 28W to 70W to meet your exact needs. With these lights being UL listed wet or damp, as well as options that are vandal proof, rest assure you are getting a high-quality solution built to last for years of reliable use. Made be with durable housings to protect the LED driver and polycarbonate lenses to protect the lamps.

Gas Station Canopy Lighting

These fixture are a wonderful energy saving solution. When your business runs 24 hours a day and your lights run 12 hours this LED canopy light offer extreme brightness and reliability. Illumination can play such a large role in driving traffic and creating a safe environment for your customers. These can be either surface mounted or recessed based on your applications. These fixtures are wired 120-277 volt and in certain cases need to be 480 volt. How much power do you need? This varies mostly on the height of the canopy or application. Rule to follow is 20 foot height is about a 100 watt canopy light or if your replacing a 400 watt fixture use a 100 watt LED canopy.

Square Canopies

These fixture are square in shape and are use in areas where the previous fixtures were also square. These come in a variety of size from 6 inch to 18 inches and can be surface or recessed mounted. Large selection of low profile canopies to choose from that will save energy over older metal halide lighting. If you need assistance please contact our staff.

Round Canopies

Round canopy is referring to the shape of the polycarbonate lens on the light fixture. These mount direct to a j box or can be direct wired with conduit.

Parking Garage Canopies

These lights are a wonderful replacement fixtures in a parking garage application. The most common upside to this fixture over the older technologies fixtures is the ability to control the light level with internal control’s. The ability to control this allows for extreme energy savings over the fixture being on all of the time.

We are your source for all your lighting needs. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact a lighting specialist for further assistance on the matter.

Lighting the exterior of a gas station is a little bit more complicated than it may appear. The fact of the matter is, lighting intensity, brightness, coloration and tone all create subconscious messages to potential customers. Here’s the challenge you need to overcome: you want your lighting to be bright enough to be safe.

Energy-Efficient LED Canopy Lights For Gas Station

LED lights play remarkable roles in saving costs for gas stations. First of all, LED lights have lower energy expenses and last for many years. Bbier can help you design a complete system of LED lighting that lasts for years and meets your budget requirements.Energy efficiency of LED lights and overall minimal need for repairs and replacements make all the difference.

Available in multiple shapes like square, round, etc.,. So you can get them install as per your preferences and environment requirements. You can also design a fully customized system of lights, including LED canopy lights and flat panel lighting in order to improve the overall lighting of your gas station and convenience stores located on the premises.

Bbier  also provides retrofitting services to make sure you can integrate state-of-the-art LED systems as easily as possible. So They can enable you to transition from your existing lighting system to LED technology quickly. Their service includes street light and gas station canopy LED retrofitting to help you effectively upgrade to more reliable lighting systems.