Football field lights are lamps designed to illuminate football fields. Typically installed at a height of 70 feet, they can rise up to 250 feet above the surface of a professional stadium. Today, they are mostly based on LEDs for high efficiency and use high-end narrow beam optics to shine light onto the ground without glare.

What is the best light for a football field? Read on and find out, let me tell you here.

LEDs For Stadium Lights

Watching a football game requires brighter lights, less energy consumption, vivid and consistent lighting, and LED lights provide the brightest lighting. It’s important to note that lumens and watts are not the same thing. By simple definition, lumens are the brightness of the light emitted. A watt is the energy used to generate light. Compared to conventional light sources of the same wattage, LED lights produce a significant increase in the amount of light (lumens).

For example, if you compare a 1500-watt sports lighter to a 500-watt LED stadium light, the difference in brightness produced is staggering. LED lights produce more lumens than traditional HID bulbs, but save 1000 watts each. While your initial investment in football pitch LED lighting may be slightly more, you’ll save money due to lower energy consumption and still have the vivid, even lighting you need to watch the game.


LED is solid-state lighting, pollution is pollution, etc., not environmentally friendly, and has no impact on the human body. W; the light efficiency of high-color lights and tri-color lights does not exceed 100lm/W; high-color LED light sources, the light efficiency of brand product LEDs has exceeded 100lm/W. For white light from 400nm to 700nm, the theoretical light efficiency is about 241 lm/W. In the near future, the efficiency (primary color rendering index and color temperature) of LED light sources that are met and required may exceed 1000 lm/W.

Outdoor high power LED floodlights also require the use of MCPCB as another passive cooling technique to control the junction temperature. Due to the better thermal conductivity of the material of the MCPCB, these boards have a higher heat dissipation efficiency compared to the FR4 PCB used in standard LEDs. However, it can cost up to 5 times the cost of an FR4 PCB. Save up to 60% by using more FR4 PCBs, eliminating the need for expensive heat sinks, and simplifying design considerations.

The lifespan of tungsten halogen lamps commonly used in movies and stages is only 200-300 hours; the metal halide lamps in computer lights generally only last a few hundred hours. The life of tri-color fluorescent lamps can reach 8,000 to 10,000 hours; while the life of the brand Led Flood Lights Outdoor High Power Sources in lamps has exceeded 10,000 hours. With the improvement of heat dissipation conditions and driving power of lamps, the lifespan may reach 30 000h to 50 000h in the near future.

From the perspective of the LED floodlight itself, the outdoor LED floodlight has a larger light distribution angle, so the irradiation area is much larger. If you need to illuminate a large object, need to illuminate an entire large building or a large area, then you need an outdoor high power LED floodlight to meet it, for example on construction sites or in production. The installation height of the factory is not too high, and it is necessary to illuminate a larger area as much as possible, so LED floodlights are also required to meet the requirements. Therefore, the features and advantages of our outdoor high-power LED flood lights are large irradiation area and uniform light.

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