Widely Applications of 100 watt ufo led high bay

Due to high brightness and energy saving. 100 watt ufo led high bay are a good choice for workshops, shops, and warehouses. However, after people install 100 watt ufo led high bay, the lights will keep flashing. Especially at night, it will feel scary. If we want to solve the flickering of LED high bay lights, If we need to solve this problem completely we must find the right reason

what are the reasons make led high bay lights flickering of?

1): The LED lamp beads do not match the driving power supply, Normal single 1W lamp bead withstand current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp bead chip is not a right sufficient power, it will cause the light source to flicker, and the lamp bead will turn on and off, if the current is too high. Severe phenomena will burn the gold or copper wires in the lamp beads, which causing the lamp beads to not light up.

2): It may be that the driving power supply is broken, so long as you replace it with another good driving power supply, it will not flash.

3): If the driver has an over-temperature protection function, and the material’s heat dissipation performance of the lamp cannot meet the requirements, the driver’s over-temperature protection will flash and disappear when it starts to work.

For example: 20W flood light housing is used to assemble 30W lamps, it will happen if the heat dissipation work is not done well.

4): If the LED high bay light is used in a humid environment and often flickers, it is because the light has entered water. The consequence is that it will not light up when it flashes. The lamp beads and driver are broken. If the driver is waterproof, just break the lamp beads and replace the light source. At the same time, take waterproof measures.


What is the reason for the flickering of the 100 watt ufo led high bay?

In fact, when flickering occurs, it is due to the phenomenon of UMC. There is a simple way that can be used in daily life .we can use a hair dryer to blow on the switch for a while. If there is no effect, we need to turn off the power and check the circuit to solve the flicker symptoms. Sometimes we need to ask professional electrician to check and solve problems. Well, the important part is we need to buy high quality led high bay lights from reliable supplier&factory. BBier has been this area for more than 12 years. Our lights sold all over world. We can be your reliable partner.