When you are installing the fan lights, have you considered the issues that should be paid attention to, the following points are worth understanding. About for 52 inch flush mount ceiling fan with light.

  1. The floor height bai is not less than 2.6 meters. When installing the ceiling fan lights, the height of the ceiling should not be lower than 2.6 meters. If the height is less than 2.6 meters, the ceiling should be installed using the ceiling shu method. It is best to install at a distance that the tallest person in the house can’t reach, that is, a distance of 2.4-2.6 meters, which is relatively safe. If the floor height exceeds 3 meters, the boom must be lengthened, because the air volume felt by people standing under the fan is not ideal because it is too high.
  2. Ceiling fan lights cannot be installed without keel on the ceiling. Ceiling fan lights have very high requirements for load-bearing. The load-bearing ceiling must be less than 30 kg, and the ceiling must be a keel ceiling, so that the screws can be driven into the cement floor. If the ceiling is gypsum board, the ceiling will not bear 30 kg. Therefore, when installing the ceiling fan light, it must be a keel ceiling.
  3. The route should be communicated with the designer in advance. The installation of ceiling fan lights should be communicated with the designer in advance, and the circuit layout will reserve fan wires and light wires in advance. If the ceiling is installed later, it will involve a series of troubles.
  4. The decoration style should also be considered when installing ceiling fan lights. When installing ceiling fan lights, you must also pay attention to the overall home style. Generally speaking, the bronze ceiling fan lamp is more suitable for retro style or Chinese classical style, and the light-colored ceiling fan lamp is more suitable for Mediterranean style decoration and pastoral style.

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