Someone intends to open a small badminton hall in the urban area. He is not familiar with the operation of badminton halls. So what should this guy pay attention to the operation of the arena?

The quality of the indoor stadium lighting of the badminton hall is an important factor that determines the operation of the badminton hall. This article is mainly from the perspective of lighting to tell you what should be paid attention to if the badminton hall is to be operated well. And share some knowledge about indoor stadium lighting in the badminton stadium, hope it can be helpful.

What should be paid attention to if the badminton hall is to be operated well?

First of all, the floor glue should be of good quality. The floor glue of professional badminton halls has anti-slip properties. Obviously, if you are playing in a slippery area, it should be dangerous!

Secondly, it is necessary to provide basic services such as balls/racquets/drinks. Modern people’s life is mainly about efficient and simple methods. Therefore, providing high-quality and affordable ball products can not only improve customer adhesion, but also hope to achieve long-term Objective profitability.

More importantly, it is necessary to choose a suitable badminton hall lighting. Many people search for indoor stadium lighting on a certain online shopping platform, and they see products with uneven prices. They think that the same indoor stadium lighting look similar. Why is the price difference so far? In fact, everyone can see what is on the surface, but the inner kung fu is what you need. At present, the market’s price disorder has become morbid. Novices look at prices, veterans look at quality, scammers have no cost, and everyone is fighting IQ. If you care about quality, please respect his price. If you just want to pick one at random, please don’t expect good quality. No one is stupid enough to charge high prices and push old customers out!

What kind of badminton hall lighting can bring a good customer experience?

An indoor professional badminton arena dedicated to be bigger and stronger, it has to absorb and face new or old players, senior badminton players, or beginners who have no basic knowledge, so the layout of indoor stadium lighting in the arena are particularly important. What kind of badminton hall lighting can bring a good customer experience?

For the badminton halls, users who have no basic knowledge and novices do not need to cherish too much, because most of them only come once in a while, not regularly, and will not produce stable benefits for you. And those who have the basics and long-term players are your biggest repeat customer resource. If more than two clubs or badminton groups are active in your arena for a long time, the benefits can be imagined. And basic golfers can feel whether the indoor stadium lighting is professional. Long-term golfers will be more or less affected by the light on their eyes. They are still very concerned about the lights hanging on the top of the arena. The professional and non-glaring badminton hall lighting has a great advantage.

First of all, the light must be sufficient, which means that the indoor stadium lighting must have sufficient illumination. Side lighting or top lighting is a problem of habit, but if you have top lighting, don’t go to the top of the field. I used to play in a comprehensive hall. Unfortunately, there is a row of lights above each field, so the line of the high ball is in my eyes. A dashed line was added, which was a headache. Traditional light bulbs will age after a long period of use, and the brightness will become insufficient. If you can replace Bbier’s non-glaring indoor stadium lighting in time, you will always feel like playing in a new stadium. The experience is very good.

Secondly, it is more important not to dazzle the eyes. It is very likely that you will be exposed to the light when playing with your head up for a long time. If you play under the dazzling light for a long time, it will damage your eyes for a long time and affect the actual performance of the game.

How to arrange the badminton court lighting better?

How important is the indoor stadium lighting of the badminton hall in your plan? Have you ever encountered such a problem? The floor of the badminton court has been laid out, and the other decorations have also been done. Just wait for the cheap badminton court lights picked from the market to install it. However, suddenly I was helpless, because I don’t know how to install these badminton court lights! I asked the sales staff to say that the maintenance of the badminton court light package does not include consulting, and additional consulting service fees will be charged!

So how to arrange the lighting for the badminton court lighting design?

We all know that badminton courts are different from other courts, and the requirements for lighting can be said to be very demanding. Too bright lights will give players a dazzling feeling, especially when catching lobs and backcourts, you need to look up to see the flight path of the ball and judge the ball’s landing point. The surrounding areas are dazzling. The indoor stadium lighting will affect the performance of badminton enthusiasts and cannot see the flight trajectory of the badminton.

For the lighting design and lighting layout of badminton courts, the indoor stadium lighting should be adjusted according to the number, location, height, wall decoration of the court, and the wattage and number of lamps.

Even if these conditions are met, the selection of indoor stadium lighting cannot be sloppy, which is important. Some arenas have also carefully inspected and carefully designed the lighting layout according to the actual situation of the stadium, but the actual lighting effect after installation is not satisfactory. This is mainly a problem of the lighting.

Dazzling lights, glare, stroboscopic, and dazzling lamps, no matter how they are arranged, are harmful to the overall lighting of the stadium. Therefore, the badminton court is also particularly important for the selection of lighting fixtures.

Is it better to illuminate the badminton hall light sideways or to hang it vertically?

Is it better to light the badminton hall lights sideways? Or is it better to hang the indoor stadium lighting vertically? This is a very deep and practical issue.

At present, in mainstream badminton courts on the market, you can see that the indoor stadium lighting is mainly suspended vertically. In badminton sports, in most cases, athletes will approach the ball with their heads up, and they will inevitably come into contact with the lights. But at the same time, most of the lights on the market will either dim quickly after being used for a long time, or they will have a vertigo effect on the athlete’s eyes, which is very unfavorable to the actual effect of badminton.

At this time, some people will consider the side lighting method, which can solve the trouble of direct lighting to the eyes. However, in a badminton hall with a slightly higher design, this design will greatly affect the aesthetics and easily cause uneven light distribution. There are dark areas, so even if they know that they can solve the problem of glare, many arena owners will hesitate.

Which is better depends on personal preference and the actual situation of the badminton hall.

What qualities should an excellent indoor badminton court lighting have?

  • Anti-glare (not glare). Compared with other types of sports, badminton has higher requirements. Especially for lighting, it is generally important to use indoor badminton hall lights to avoid glare. For those who do not understand how to distinguish the lighting of professional indoor badminton halls, this standard is a boon.
  • Uniform illumination (no dark areas). Traditional LED lights have quickly occupied the lighting market for a long time because of energy saving, power saving and high brightness, but their characteristics such as concentrated light and many dark areas have also been criticized. The new surface light source indoor stadium lighting designed by Bbier can effectively solve such problems.
  • Long life (at least three years warranty). Many arenas will consider purchasing some row lights for the sake of cheapness. But if you want to have a good reputation and long-term business, you may wish to consider the special lights for indoor badminton halls developed by Bbier for 8 years. Up to 30,000 hours, and can be guaranteed for 3 years. More importantly, the general damage repair rate within 3 years does not exceed 3%. There is really no harm without comparison!

The indoor badminton hall lighting has glare, what should I do?

Badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other indoor stadium lighting, once there is a glare hazard in the stadium lighting, it will cause glare hazards in multiple positions and different angles of the sports court. Players who play golf only see a light curtain with a strong stimulus, and cannot see the flying sphere. In the visual perception system, it produces uncomfortable visual effects such as dazzling, dazzling, dazzling, and dazzling. It may produce visual fatigue, restlessness and anxiety.

The glare hazard of indoor stadium lighting is caused by the glare energy of stadium lamps acting on human eyes. In the visible spectrum, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the glare energy of stadium lights, and the more serious the glare damage. The spectrum of the indoor badminton hall lighting is intuitively expressed as the color of the light, that is, the color temperature of the stadium lighting. There have been many indoor stadium lighting experiences that show that the color temperature of the stadium lighting is higher than the color temperature of sunlight, and there will be a relatively strong glare hazard effect.

Some sports stadium lighting, the color temperature indicated in the technical data is not very high, but the glare hazard effect is very serious in the indoor badminton hall lighting. This is because the lighting energy of sports courts contains near ultraviolet light. The glare hazard of near-ultraviolet light energy is very serious, and its dazzling, dazzling, dazzling and dazzling harmful effects are very significant.

The lighting practice of indoor sports venues shows that: many sports venues are using metal halide lamps, row lights, ordinary high-power energy-saving lamps, LED lights and other stadium lighting, there are varying degrees of glare hazards. LEDs and high-power energy-saving lamps are particularly harmful to the lighting of sports venues such as badminton and table tennis. Glare hazards have a negative effect on the operating benefits of indoor sports venues and cannot be ignored. There are already many operators of sports venues who choose special indoor stadium lighting for sports venues that have no glare hazard and replace them to improve the quality of indoor stadium lighting.

The indoor badminton hall lighting has stroboscopic light, what should I do?

In the current indoor badminton hall lighting, the most used indoor stadium lighting include metal halide lamps, row lamps, ordinary high-power energy-saving lamps and so on. All have varying degrees of stroboscopic and stroboscopic effect hazards.

Metal halide lamps are gas-discharge luminous electric light sources, and most of them use inductive ballasts for ignition. After the fluctuating light energy acts on the retina of the human eye, due to the visual persistence effect of the visual receptor and the optic nerve center, the human eye does not feel the color and brightness of the stadium lights fluctuate. However, the changes in the visual physiological potential of the visual receptors produced by the 100Hz fluctuating light energy have been formed, and the stroboscopic effect generated in the visual perception system is an undisputed fact.

Stadium volleyball lights are combined with T5 fluorescent lamps or T8 fluorescent lamps. If the AC-DC-AC conversion frequency of the matched electronic ballast is relatively low, there will still be a certain degree of stroboscopic effect hazard. The lower the switching frequency, the more harmful the stroboscopic effect.

Ordinary high-power energy-saving lamps are also stadium lights that are driven by electronic ballasts to initiate gas discharge light. When the AC-DC-AC conversion frequency of the matched electronic ballast is lower than 40?Kz?, there will inevitably be a certain degree of stroboscopic effect. The lower the switching frequency, the more harmful the stroboscopic effect.

Because of the factors such as the flying speed of the badminton ball and the angle of view of the human eye, it changes instantaneously and is dynamic in the scene. Therefore, the stroboscopic and stroboscopic effect of sports stadium lighting and stroboscopic effect harm, and the manifestation in indoor stadium lighting is also instantaneous and dynamic.

The color rendering performance of indoor badminton courts is not good, what should I do?

There is brightness only when there is light, and it is equally important that there is color only when there is light. Light is just the creator of the colorful world. Therefore, the indoor badminton court lighting with high color rendering performance is easier to help the badminton hall to achieve a better reputation.

Experiments have proved that when the intensity of the irradiated light is constant, the higher the color rendering performance of the irradiated light, the higher the brightness and clarity of the surface of the object and the higher the color reality.

In indoor sports venues, badminton, table tennis and other spheres flying in a light environment produce surface brightness and surface color through the reflection of the surface of the sphere to the court lights. The higher the light energy intensity of indoor badminton court lights, the higher the brightness of the surface of the sphere. The higher the color rendering performance, the more realistic the color of the surface of the sphere. The greater the sense of brightness and color produced by the visual perception system of the human eye. It shows that the higher the lighting quality of indoor badminton courts, the better the lighting effect.

God gave the indoor badminton hall a closed dark environment, but opened “another window”, and this window is a professional badminton hall light, from then on, you can also enjoy the fun of sports like bathing in the sun.

Choose the right indoor stadium lighting and be happy for a few hours. When people meet three or five friends in their free time and go to the badminton hall to exercise, a soft-lighted, safe and secure badminton hall lamp is a friend who can help him relax and forget his worries. When he is happy, indoor stadium lighting is a friend who can share his happiness; when he is frustrated, indoor stadium lighting is a friend who can listen to your pain silently. Since there are not many friends, sincere heart is more important. The same is true for choosing lights. A professional indoor stadium lighting that is not dazzling is a good helper and partner who may accompany you for 5, 10, or even 20 years.

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