The lighting fixtures in the stadium are mainly divided into lighting fixtures for the competition venue and lighting fixtures for the auditorium. The lighting fixtures of the competition venue refer to high-power and high-intensity stadium lights. Usually called stadium led flood lights.

Here are some features of stadium led flood lights

1 High light intensity

The space height of the stadium is very high, and the light intensity of several million candela from the lamps is required to meet the viewing needs of the audience. If there is a TV broadcast, then sufficient light intensity becomes particularly important.

2 Accurate and diverse light distribution

When the stadium is illuminated, the beams of multiple lamps and lanterns meet and cooperate with each other to achieve the lighting effect. After the lamps are installed and fixed on the spot, they not only need to meet the illumination and uniformity requirements on the horizontal plane, the illumination and uniformity requirements on the vertical plane, but also control the incident angle of the light to not cause glare to the players in the active position and the field of sight. Affect the performance of the exercise level, while not spilling into the audience.

3 Anti-glare structure

In addition to the light distribution design, the glare control of the lamps also relies on the shading structure of the lamps to reduce glare. Stadium led flood lights can pretend to be shading parts to meet the requirements.

4 Good color rendering

For venues where major international competitions are broadcast on TV, it is required that the light of the lamps should have a very good ability to restore colors, and the color rendering index should not be less than 80. The color rendering index of high-definition television broadcasting major international competitions should not be less than 90. Our stadium led flood lights CRI is more than 90.

5 Angle adjusting device

The lamp should have a flexible, accurate and reliable aiming adjustment device. In the installation process of the luminaire, the aiming of the luminaire is the last step to complete the installation. Aim at the lighting target position to meet the lighting requirements of illuminance and uniformity. Stadium led flood lights can flexibly adjust the light angle to meet various illumination requirements.

6 The light spot should be oblate

The luminaire is usually installed on the side of the illuminated area for projection. The projection angle of the beam is at a certain angle to the illuminated surface. Therefore, when the shape of the luminaire’s spot is circular, the spot projected to the illuminated area will become a flat ellipse. , Only the light beam of the luminaire is oblate, the light spot projected on the illuminated area will form a circle covering a larger area. stadium led flood lights can form a huge illuminated area.

Stadium led flood lights adopts heat pipe riveting fin heat dissipation technology, excellent heat dissipation performance; professional light distribution selection, built-in high-purity aluminum reflector to effectively suppress glare and spilled light; high-strength 4mm  tempered glass, no need for protective cover, high-pressure cast aluminum shell, Strong anti-strike ability;

The overall electrophoresis process has passed the 200-hour smoke test and the protection level is IP65.

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