More and more people would like to use the cordless rechargeable work light, but do you know What’s feautures of cordless rechargeable work light? And  do you know What to Consider When Choosing the cordless rechargeable work light

When you’re doing important work, you need to have adequate lighting in your work area, whether it’s a professional work site like a construction site or a personal workspace like a garage or workshop.If you are considering purchasing a working lamp, there are several types of options. cordless rechargeable work light are a particularly reliable choice for work projects because they are 90 percent more efficient than conventional bulbs. cordless rechargeable work light come in a variety of styles and provide a variety of functions to meet specific types of tasks

It is time to illuminate your workshop, campsite or car with this powerful and sturdy cordless rechargeable work light. Powered by efficient long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion batteries which provides plenty of the operating time and no power cord or outlet is needed. Charge it, grab it and go.

For added versatility, there is an AC/DC docking station is offered with the rechargeable LED work light for convenient charging and storage when not in use. The charging base can be mounted on desk or wall which is perfect for all workshop environments. Battery/charging indicator of this rechargeable work light is another practical feature to enhance user experience.

Thanks to durable rubberized housing, cordless rechargeable work light is shockproof/waterproof with an integrated off/on button, hanging hook and built-in magnets.

The cordless rechargeable work light provides light where you need it most. The 360° pivoting head allows you to direct your light in any direction making this lamp versatile and convenient. There are 4 light modes: 3 front light options (100/250/500 Lumens) and 1 spot light on the top of the light bar (100 lumens). This unit includes a strong magnetic base and hanging hook for added convenience on any jobsite and allows you to have free hands while working. Includes a carry case with belt clip for ease of transportation and convenience. A charger is included and will take only 2-3 hours to charge. After charge, the lamp will last up to 12. 5 hours of run time giving off full light output for the entire life of the charge. This unit is 1M Drop Tested, CSA Rated, and FCC Compliant. 5 Volts, 0. 65 amps, and max 3. 3 watts. Includes a 3 year limited .

What to Consider When Choosing the cordless rechargeable work light?

When shopping for the cordless rechargeable work light for your project, consider the type and scope of the job and its location, the required lumen output, the distance from a power source, the need for portability, and potential exposure to the elements.

Lumen Output

While brightness is measured in watts for incandescent light bulbs, it is measured in lumens for LED lights. A higher number of lumens means a brighter work light. For example, the brightness of a typical 100-watt incandescent light bulb equates to an LED light with 1,600 lumens; however, the benefit of an LED light is that it uses less than 30 watts of energy. LED work lights are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

To determine if an cordless rechargeable work light meets the level of brightness required for your workspace or project, first check the lumen output on the product, then the product’s beam angle, which measures how the light is distributed and how far the light travels before brightness is reduced.

Power Source

When shopping for your cordless rechargeable work light, remember that different models will have distinct features related to their power source. Options for powering LED work lights include AC power, solar power, rechargeable batteries, and a combination of power options.

Some cordless rechargeable work light feature charging ports for your USB devices or plugs you can use to power other tools. The voltage on these charging ports varies, so make sure you research each product to determine whether it offers the right amount of power for your potential usage. Check the runtime on each product’s power source as well, so you aren’t left without light when you need it most. If your light is battery operated, you may wish to purchase extra batteries so you always have a fully charged backup battery available.

IP Rating

An IP rating is a two-digit safety rating assigned to electrical equipment by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The rating refers to ingress protection, which is the ability of particles to enter the electrical device. A higher rating means higher confidence that the electrical components are protected against damage that could cause safety issues or stop them from functioning effectively.

The first digit refers to how well a product repels solid particles like dust and ranges from 0 to 6, while the second digit refers to liquids, like rain and snow, and ranges from 0 to 7. Look for a higher IP rating if you may be using your LED work lights in dirty or wet conditions.

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