For many outdoor courts, in addition to a comfortable grass environment, it must also be equipped with bright lighting, so that athletes can feel a clear vision during exercise.

If the installed outdoor led stadium lights do not meet the standard, it is easy for the athletes to feel uncomfortable, and it will be very difficult to look at a distance, not to mention the location of the ball during the exercise, which will greatly affect the sports experience.

As a professional stadium builder, in addition to mastering the necessary site construction knowledge, it is also necessary to understand the common sense of the installation and construction of these supporting facilities. Only if you are professional enough can you do better!

The installed outdoor led stadium lights lighting system must meet the needs of color TV broadcasts, spectators, athletes and officials, and at the same time, it does not emit light to the surrounding environment and does not disturb the lives of community residents.

What are the requirements for outdoor led stadium equipment?

The most important goal of the outdoor led stadium lighting system is to illuminate the playing field, provide high-quality digital video signals to the media, and provide high-quality
No disgusting glare, no spillover to the audience and surrounding environment
Light and glare. Can consider using permanent lighting, temporary lighting or two
Supplementary lighting method combined with the other.

(1) Environmental protection
Special attention should be paid to controlling the spilled light and glare inside and outside the stadium.

(2) Athletes and officials
Athletes and officials must be able to fully demonstrate their abilities in this lighting environment.

(3) Audience
Spectators must be able to watch the game, scoreboard, video and all other activities on the venue comfortably, without the effects of glare and spilled light.

(4) Media
Media recording and color TV broadcasting must have high signal quality, stable lighting system, and no uncoordinated shadows and glare.

What standards should outdoor led stadium lights achieve?

The lighting system is usually divided into five levels (level I-level V). Two of the levels require high-quality color TV rebroadcasting, and the other three levels do not require color TV rebroadcasting.

Take the football field as an example. The standard should be based on the function of the football field to determine the lighting standard. It is roughly divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illuminance 200lx, amateur games 500lx, professional games 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, large-scale international competitions High-definition TV broadcast 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.

The lamps used in football stadiums are generally 1000W and 1500W metal halide lamps. The lighting position can be installed on the edge of the roof of the stand. The two methods are installation and the pole above the pole, which is installed around the stadium; and according to the lighting requirements of different stadiums Different to determine the number of lights and power size.

What are the advantages of LED high pole lights for outdoor led stadium lighting?

When it comes to high pole lights, everyone will first think of the word “high”. This is indeed the case. High pole lights are lighting fixtures with a high pole height, all ranging from 15 meters to 45 meters in height.

The high-pole lamp has a wide lighting area and is especially suitable for applications that require large-area lighting, such as park squares, city squares, stations, docks, freight yards, highways, stadiums, overpasses, etc. The high-pole lights that everyone usually talks about are actually very different according to their uses, and the classification and name of the high-pole lights are also different according to different occasions. For example, those used in wharves are called high-pole lights on piers, and those used in squares are called high-pole lights in squares. Named after this, there are port high-pole lights, airport high-pole lights, explosion-proof high-pole lights, stainless steel high-pole lights, and so on. Today, Bbier is talking about the high pole lights used in the stadium: stadium high pole lights, because the light source used on the lamp panel is LED, we call it LED stadium high pole lights.

People who like to play football will choose to play on the stadium at night, especially in summer. Therefore, the lamps installed on the court will be relatively particular. First, the brightness should be good, and then the lighting area should be large, and the eyes will not feel irritation or fatigue after being exposed to the light for a long time. LED high pole lights just meet these requirements.

The LED high pole light is suitable for installation on the court mainly because the LED high pole light has a large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light source, uniform illumination, small glare, easy control and maintenance, and the light is not dazzling and pollution-free. The electric lifting operation is convenient. After the lamp panel is raised to the working position, the lamp panel can be automatically taken off, hooked and unloaded by the steel wire rope. Lighting control is divided into manual control, light control, time control and microcomputer control.

With the rapid development of modern technology, new energy, energy saving and emission reduction, green, low-carbon and environmental protection have been deeply rooted in everyone’s concept. LED high pole lights are green light sources with energy saving, long life, good heat dissipation and other functions, not only suitable for installation In stadiums; stadiums, overpasses, parking lots, airports, freight yards, highways, ports and public leisure squares and other places are also suitable for installation of LED high pole lights.

How many options are there for the installation of football field light poles?

Light poles are arranged at the four corners of the stadium
According to the uniformity of the stadium, the lights and the four corners of the stadium are equipped with 4 sets of lights, and each set of high pole lights is equipped with 5 floodlights.

Four sets of light cloth and two sides of the football field
Each group of light poles is equipped with 5 metal halide lamp projection lamps, and the power is generally 1000W, 1500W or 2000W metal halide light source electrical appliances.

6 groups of lights are installed around the stadium

6 groups of light poles each assembled with 2 lights

The surroundings are uniform and not light, and the lights are arranged in 8 groups (2 lamps are installed in each group)

How high should the outdoor led stadium lights be installed?

The installation height of the luminaire determines the success of the lighting system. The height of the lamp frame or light pole should meet the angle of 25° from the center of the venue to the stadium auditorium and the horizontal plane. The height of the lamp frame or pole can exceed the minimum angle of 25°, but it should not exceed 45°.

Take the football field as an example. The outdoor 5-a-side football field is 38-42 meters long and 18-22 meters wide.

The size of this field is equivalent to a standard basketball court. Although there is no clear regulation on the height of the poles of the futsal field, according to the practical experience of most outdoor football field lighting, the futsal field chooses 6-8 meters high lights. The pole is more suitable. On the one hand, this height can ensure that the mainstream stadium LED floodlights in the market have uniform illumination and high luminous efficiency, and will not produce dizziness and affect the visual judgment of athletes.

The outdoor 7-a-side football field has a length of 65-68 meters and a width of 45-48 meters.

As the area of the site increases, the height of the light pole can be determined to be 12-15 meters according to the type and power of the lamps used. From the practical effect, the 12-15 meter light pole can fully support the lighting needs of the seven-a-side football field.

The outdoor 11-a-side football field has a length of 100-110 meters and a width of 64-75 meters.

According to the two different schemes of installing light poles on both sides of the stadium and installing light poles in four corners, the height of the light poles is 20-25 meters, of which 20-meter light poles are suitable for the two-side lighting scheme, and 25-meter high poles are suitable for four-corner lighting. Program.

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