Led Camp lights are a great way for travelers to camp outdoors, and led camp lights are a beacon in the dark, providing light and safety.Compared to headlamps, they are more convenient to use and have a stable light source, making them ideal for cooking or relaxing in a campsite.What are the characteristics of a good led camp light?


Brightness is always the theme of lamps, and the brightness of led camp lights is also measured by lumens. The general brightness of camp lights is between 100 and 240 lumens, slightly higher than the headlights.If placed inside the tent for lighting, 100 lumens of camp lights is enough for 2-3 people;For camp kitchens, consider using brighter camp lights.If the lighting is intended for multiple tent public areas or for a group meal, consider camp lights above 200 lumens.

Like headlamps, bright led camp lamps generally have a greater volume and weight.

Unlike headlamps, camp lamps usually have an elliptical or circular range, which makes them more useful and convenient for stationary lighting than headlamps The durability of the camp lamp

is mainly in two aspects: a strong case and a certain waterproof ability.

LED Camp lights are packed into backpacks like any other equipment. Collisions are inevitable, so a strong shell is very important for camp lights. High quality camp lights are made of tough, elastic plastic.

Led Camp lights do not need to be completely waterproof, but some waterproof capability is necessary.Because camping outdoors can be so humid, it’s not uncommon to wake up in the morning and feel like it’s just raining, even in the dry north.There is a standard for waterproofing. Generally high quality camp lamps provide IPX4 waterproofing, which is sufficient for outdoor wet conditions.

Some led camp lamps emphasize the use of hanging, like lanterns, the top has a handle that can be carried or hooked, the light bulb placed at the bottom;Some camp lights are designed for desktop use, with good legs at the bottom and light bulbs on either side;Some have both.

The first was light, the second slightly larger, and the third larger in both volume and weight.Knowing your main usage scenario before you buy can help you strike a balance between functionality and lightness.

Led Camp lights are called camp lights or tent lights.Camping lamps are movable lamps that provide lighting in a camp, scare off wild animals, indicate the location of the camp, etc.Now many camping lights can also charge mobile phones or other electrical equipment, in the outdoor emergency, it is very helpful for us, it is like a multi-functional charging treasure

Led camp light is a MULTIfunctional LED light that can be used by bai users outside their homes and du residences.LED camping lamp dao zhuan emergency shu has a very long time sustainable lights on 6-70 hours (depending on gear) and has a 3 + 1 in the first three files for brightness adjustment of gear: “1” pilot night light pattern material (light time 70 h), 2 block: outdoor lighting model (light time material 20 h), 3 files: reading lamp model (light material 8 h), 4 files for red and blue flashing mode (24 h) material lights on time, as in the case of emergency can be used to simulate the alert attention on!Portable, multi-functional LED camping lamps also feature strong magnets at both ends, making it easier to stick to iron.

LED Camp lights should be purchased with: light weight, easy to carry. Super energy saving, long life, effective light source solution, no burning, soft light source without stroboscopic effective protection of the eyes.Waterproof design, all-weather use;Night working lighting, night fishing lighting;Camping and field lighting;Car maintenance, garage spare, etc.Design as far as possible to choose and buy beautiful novel products, in the home is also a very good decoration.

There are many kinds of Led camping lamps. Now we basically use cold-light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs. The earliest ones are dry battery type, but the disadvantage is that we need to carry more batteries and have a large weight.Now generally used are charge-type camping lamps, car charging, power charging, solar panel charging, etc., can be charged anytime and anywhere, convenient energy saving and environmental protection, and do not have to worry about the power problem, widely loved.

LED super long life, life as long as 100,000 hours.

LED has efficient visual effect, light source is clear and soft superior.

LED brightness is 16000-18000MCD.

LED is a reliable and safe alternative to traditional bulbs.

LED for green lighting products health.

LED is a low energy consumption heat source, basically no heat.