LED projector lamp is a new type of light collecting lighting lamp newly developed by our company. The lamp adopts aluminum alloy die-casting bottom shell, imported material mask and ultra-high brightness LED light source. It has the characteristics of fashionable appearance, solid and reliable, waterproof and dustproof, high brightness, soft light, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED projector Lamp features:

  • good monochromatic, soft light, high luminous efficiency.
  • Cold light source, no heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, green environmental protection.
  • Low power, low power consumption, long service life, good stability and high reliability.
  • Energy consumption is 80% less than that of incandescent lamps with the same luminous efficiency.
  • The working temperature can reach – 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, the low temperature start is normal, and the response speed is fast.
  • The lamp body is made of metal, with good impact resistance. The mask is made of PC material, with uniform and soft light, strong and durable.
  • The lamp design is novel and unique, elegant and beautiful, with the characteristics of modern lighting, simple installation and convenient adjustment.

Brief introduction of high power LED projector lamp series products
According to the user’s requirements, the led projector lamp can also be used as 30W high-power lamps, 70W tunnel lamps, 70W high-power lamps, etc. The main features of the led projector lamp as follows:
High luminous intensity, long irradiation distance
At present, the luminous efficiency of LED has reached 120lm / W, which is far more than that of high pressure sodium lamp (80 ° LM / W), fluorescent lamp (60 ° LM / W) and other light sources. The luminous angle of LED is 160 ° to 180 ° and all light energy can be projected on the surface of the object. The luminous angle of other light sources is 360 ° so only half of the light energy is projected on the surface of the object, so the same luminous efficiency is achieved In this case, the luminous intensity (luminous flux per unit angle) of LED lamp is twice as high as that of other lamps, so the luminous intensity of LED lamp (i.e. the light brightness generally perceived by people) is much higher than that of other light sources. Due to the small luminous angle of LED lamp, the irradiation distance is very long, so it is especially suitable for projection lamp. A kind of

Significant energy saving, long life
According to the test of authoritative department, the luminous intensity of LED projector lamp is about 16 times that of incandescent lamp with the same power, 6 times that of energy-saving lamp with the same power, and 2 ~ 3 times that of high pressure sodium lamp. Therefore, under the condition of ensuring the same brightness (luminous intensity), LED lamp can save 50% ~ 90% electricity compared with other light sources, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious. The theoretical life of LED projector lamp can reach 100000 hours, and the actual life can reach 60000 hours at present. The maximum life of other light sources is less than 10000 hours. Therefore, the life of LED projection lamp is 6 ~ 10 times longer than that of other light sources, which can not only save the replacement of lamps. It not only reduces the cost of maintenance, but also greatly reduces the cost of maintenance. It should be noted that this series of LED floodlights adopt the control mode of step-down by ring transformer and switch type constant current drive, which not only greatly improves the reliability of the drive power supply, but also has high control efficiency, and the drive power supply can ensure continuous operation for more than 5 years. A kind of

Rich colors,  very high color rendering
LED projector lampcan directly emit red, blue, yellow, green, purple and other colors of light, and can also synthesize white light from several kinds of light, so LED is especially suitable for urban lighting projects. The color rendering performance of LED lamp is very high, usually more than 80, so under the light, it can really display the color of the illuminated scene. The color rendering index of commonly used high pressure sodium lamp is only 30, and the color of many objects will be seriously distorted under the irradiation of high pressure sodium lamp. A kind of

Sealed tightly, waterproof performance is superior,
All the components of this led projectorlamps are combined by the sealant pad, which has a very good sealing effect, is not afraid of wind and rain, and can even be placed under water for a long time.

The shape is beautiful and generous,  the heat dissipation effect is very good.

The shell of  led projector lamp is made by die casting process, with very fine structure and fashionable appearance. The alloy lead shell not only ensures the firmness of the lamp, but also has a very good heat dissipation effect. Continuous working at room temperature, the working temperature of the shell is usually not higher than 45 ℃, which can reduce the light decay of LED and prolong the life of LED.

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