Make-up, shopping, and selfies are things that most women usually do in their leisure time, but the problem is that no matter how good they make up at home, when they go out for selfies, they find that the light is not the same as their own makeup. This is because of the different environments. Caused by different levels of light. The smart makeup mirror can automatically simulate the light and give you a satisfactory makeup.

The main difference between makeup mirror and mirror is:

1. The light of makeup mirror and ordinary mirror are different The basic principle of an ordinary mirror is to reflect the original light, and the surrounding environment can be directly reflected in the mirror. If your surroundings are dark, the environment reflected in the mirror will also be dark. Therefore, in many cases, our makeup techniques will be heavier, and the hands will be heavier, and the painted makeup will look very thick.

2. The size of makeup mirror and ordinary mirror are different If it is an ordinary mirror placed on the dressing table, basically it cannot be changed, and it can shine on the upper body. Professional makeup mirrors can not only magnify facial features, but also the size that comes with it can ensure the makeup method and the area of the upper body, so compared to ordinary mirrors, makeup mirrors are really more suitable for makeup and styling.

3. The makeup mirror restores your beauty Because our mirror is only a reflection of a certain environment, because our makeup is basically done in the room, but the makeup will be basically under natural light or sunlight, so the makeup presented is slightly different, and ordinary mirrors can only The makeup presented in your room, so it is really necessary to use a makeup mirror.

Ordinary mirror base and connecting rod are separated, after a long time, some connecting places are easy to loosen and become unstable. But the makeup mirror is very strong and wear-resistant, and it can be folded and stored without taking up a lot of space. The appearance is very high-end and wear-resistant. The chassis and mirror are made of special materials, leaving no fingerprints and will not be scratched.

The professional led makeup mirror can restore more than 97% of the daylight, ensuring that you can complete as much natural atmosphere makeup as possible in a fresh environment, making your makeup more delicate, more natural, cold light, natural light and Warm light, three different light effects can ensure that you can draw a perfect atmosphere in different relationships. If you live in any occasion, three different light effects can create different makeup. You can choose according to your favorite or
want. Choose the makeup look presented.

The basic principle that the light of cosmetic mirror and ordinary mirror is different from that of ordinary mirror is to reflect the original light. The surrounding environment can be reflected directly in the mirror. If your surroundings are darker, the reflection in the mirror will be darker, too. As a result, most of the time, our makeup methods will be heavier, our hands will be heavier, and we will put on too much makeup.

The size of makeup mirror is different from ordinary mirror. If you put a regular mirror on your dressing table, it will basically stay the same and you can shine it on your upper body.
Professional makeup mirror can not only enlarge facial features, but also determine the makeup method and upper body area according to their size.

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