What are Led Canopy lights?

LED Canopy lights are often mounted outdoors, under an overhang. These fixtures light up the area below them. They can be fitted with clear lenses that focus the light or frosted lenses that diffuse the light, reducing glare and illuminating a wider area. They are durable and oftentimes, weather and tamper resistant.

Where are Led Canopy lights used?

LED Canopy lights can be used widely in many applications. They can be installed at gas stations, parking garages, bus stations, automotive shops and other locations where a rugged light source that may be exposed to the elements is needed. Smaller Canopy lights may be used in residential situations including above, decks, porches and in carports.

The led canopy lights are industrial and mining series. led canopy lights are generally used in various factory workshops, stations, docks, warehouses, exhibition halls, large shopping malls, supermarkets or other high hall lighting fields. Ceiling lamps are generally used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, jewelry counters and high-end homes; they are decorative lamps.

LED canopy lights also generally use in petrol stations. Roof of the gas station is called as canopy. There is a standard which every oil company follow to meet the desired lux level at petrol station depending upon area of the same. Earlier halogen lights were used by oil companies but nowadays LEDs and induction lights are used.

What are the different types of Led Canopy lights?

  • Square Led Canopy lights
  • Round  Led Canopy lights

What are the benefits of LED Canopy lights?

There are numerous benefits to LED Canopy lights. The LED Canopy light is more energy efficient than HID alternatives, turns on instantly and can handle extreme temperatures. LED fixtures generally have a slimmer profile and are easily mounted in a number of locations. A light that is commonly surface, pendant, or recessed-mounted to a structure’s ceiling, soffit, or overhang

  • Decreased Light Maintenance cost. LED lights have a very long lifespan compared to conventional fixture light solution. There are no shortcomings of traditional lamps such as filament luminescence, heat generation, easy burning, light decay, etc., and the service life can reach 5 hours or more, which is more than 10 times longer than that of traditional light sources. Our led canopy light, there are 50000 hours lifespan. Therefore, in addition to being more energy-saving, it also saves the purchase cost of lamps.
  • Lower power consumption. Higher efficient and lower power consumption
  • Improves Customer Experience
  • Better Light Distribution and supper light. Using led light, the light source is better lighting.
  • LED lamps are more energy-saving: It is the general trend that LED lamps replace traditional lighting lamps that are currently widely used. Under the premise of the same lighting effect, LED lighting lamps can save more than 80% energy than traditional lamps! Its energy-saving benefits are very considerable.
  • LED lamps are more conducive to environmental protection: because there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum of LED lamps, there is neither heat nor radiation, glare is small, and the waste can be recycled and does not contain mercury. It is a typical green lighting source. Better environmental benefits.
  • LED lamps have more technical content: it has been gradually integrated with AI technology. Compared with the luminous and heat-generating effects of traditional lighting, LED lamps have added more intelligent technology. Covers computers, image processing technology, network communication, embedded control technology, etc. For example, Bluetooth control, voice control, mobile phone control, and auto-sensing functions are available in all kinds of popular LED lamps.
  • LED lamps are more colorful: unlike traditional lamps, in addition to being not durable and easy to damage, the light source is single and there is little room for color adjustment. The LED lamps are different. Using different combinations of the three primary colors of red, green and blue can produce up to 16,777,216 different colors, forming a combination of different light colors. It can realize ever-changing light and shadow special effects in different application scenarios.

What are the installation methods for led canopy light?

There are many ways to install led canopy light, the common ones are ceiling type, boom type, sitting type, wall suction type, etc. The installation methods are similar.

What the Features for Our 75w, 100w LED Canopy Light?

  1. Beam angel: 120 degrees.
  2. Aluminum die-casting heat sink is good for heart dissipation
  3. It’s major to replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS.
  4. Green, energy saving, long and reliable file of 50, 000 hours.
  5. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.
  6. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
  7. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
  8. Special circuit design, each LED work separately,
  9. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED infuence problem.