Our Bbier Manufacturing company LED Dock Light with Swing Arm for Warehouse Trailers Docks

We produce a new model LED dock light for illuminating a truck or trailer to improve efficiency with loading and unloading.

LED loading dock lights give you better, brighter, clearer light and delivers it right where you need it…the back of the trailer. Just swing the arm of the LED dock light into the trailer and illuminate the contents inside. The payoff for you will not only be in the satisfaction of forklift drives but it will help your bottom line by increasing efficiency and reducing energy cost.

The modular LED dock light head delivers instant-on, bright, and uniform light, easily illuminating the full length of truck trailers. The LED head on these truck dock lights retrofits easily to installed dock light arms of nearly any brand. With no filament to break, the LED head is also extremely durable and far more likely to survive an accidental impact.


  • LED Dock Light with Swing Arm: 30W 50W. 110lm/w. 120 degree. CE ROHS ETL.
  • The standard voltage:100-277VAC/50-60HZ.
  • And The blank is Single Arm, Optional Double Arm.
  • Packing for corrosion proof dock light :
  • 1pcs in a carton(carton size: 98*27*19cm);

Housing Construction:

  • Cast aluminum
  • Small size minimizes potential for accidental impact
  • Housing remains cool to the touch during operation

1) 30W 50W Clear glass with Single Arm 43.53 inch:

Focused high light effect, combined with multi angle heavy-duty lamp arm, will bring light to the distance.

The arm features a hinge that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the arm.

2) 30W 50W Clear glass with Double Arm 48.74 inch:

Super bright design 6000lm,Dual struts give this arm the strength to survive in the busiest and most demanding warehouses.

With wide coverage and distance, you can point the light to the place you need.

Product details:


1.LED Dock Light are perfect for industrial, manufacturing and warehousing

2.Designed to the container for loading and unloading

3.Excellent for any application requiring long life and low maintenance costs

4.50,000 hrs LED life for using wetlocations