LED wall pack light is typically commercial light fixture that is installed on the sides of building, parking garage, building walkway, and other places around commercial building. Not only does it provide energy efficient light but is also good security light for business building making it a go to option in today’s commercial lighting industry.

There are many uses for LED wall pack lights. Due to their efficiency, they are great for commercial and security lighting purposes where the light will need to operate for long periods of time. Their bright light output and adjustable mount design make them an ideal choice for illuminating building perimeters. Since they are typically made of die-cast aluminum that is very durable, they can weather humid and extreme climatic conditions. This making them a great choice for tough environments. Due to this great flexibility and quality design, these wall pack lights are a great choice for just about any location. LED wall pack light can able to provide high power, quality lighting every day.

How can I light my walls?

Wall pack light is the perfect addition to any room, a great way to make a space feel more inviting and complete. And a key component of any layered lighting scheme. Therefore wall lighting makes a room feel brighter and larger while creating a pleasing atmosphere. Wall-mounted fixtures balance overhead light sources and add that little something extra to round out the decoration. They are a great way to literally make a house feel like a home.

What room is the best place for a wall pack light?

Wall pack lights are very versatile fixtures that can look and perform well in almost any room in the house. Install wall pack lights in the hallway, stairway, bathroom, bedroom/bedside, dining room, living room, entry, flanking a fireplace, or in the basement.

A Wall Lighting Guide

Wall lights which are LED lit, are very energy efficient as they use a very minimal amount of power to maintain a high output of illumination. Some of these wall lights are LED integrating, which means that the light source is inbuilt into the fitting. So some people worry that they will have to replace the light when the bulb goes. But led lights last such a long time that the average expectancy is about 15 years, so an inbuilt LED negates the concern of replacing bulbs entirely.

LED wall pack lights are perfect for illuminating pathways and perimeters, giving pedestrians a greater sense of security around commercial locations, educational institutions, or residences. And whether you’re looking for a traditional non-cut off, high-output, fixed-cutoff, architectural, or slim-sized fixture, we’ve got them all. Each wall pack light is so easy to install, you might even forget you did it. And, once your client’s electric bill rolls in, they might even forget how high it was before you switched them to LED.

How do I choose a bathroom led wall pack light?

When selecting a bathroom led wall pack light you have to consider a few things. If you are adding bathroom wall lighting to an area with a mirror, first determine the size of the mirror. If you have a small mirror (less than 28″ wide), try putting one sconce on each side of the mirror, with the center of the fixture mounted 60″ off the floor and about 28″ apart.

For a large vanity mirror, a horizontal bath bar above the mirror is a good choice. Mount the fixture with the center about 78″ off the floor. The best solution is to have a shade/diffuser over each bulb to evenly diffuse the light source.

Also take into consideration room size. Larger rooms need more than just one source of light coming from the wall, such as an overhead fixture (ceiling surface mount or ceiling recessed).

Finally, wall fixtures in a bathroom should be enclosed to diffuse the light evenly throughout the space.

What do I need to know about lighting my stairs with a led wall pack light?

Install led wall lighting in a stairway to illuminate a walking path and prevent injury, as well as provide decorative accents in the area. Step lights mounted directly into a stair’s rise, or recessed above the steps in an adjacent wall are popular choices for a clean, modern look.

Led wall pack light is also a nice touch and illuminate the area adequately. When choosing a led wall pack light on your stairs make sure all sides are enclosed to prevent glare – you don’t want to stand at the top of the staircase and be able to look directly at the bulbs of the sconces below. Also be aware of how far the sconce projects from the wall.

If your led wall pack lights project further than 4″ from the wall, mount them 6′ above the step on the wall.

Can I install any led wall pack lights outdoors, or do I need special fixtures?

Generally, all led wall pack lights are used as outdoor lighting. Often, these exterior fixtures are wall mounted and used as security lights because of their large beam angle. Not only this, but wall pack lights can withstand extreme temperatures and various types of environments. LED Wall Pack Lights are typically used for commercial applications but can be used in residential areas as well. Outdoor led wall pack lighting must be wet rated, which the manufacturer will indicate in the product specifications.

Are all led wall pack lights mounted to the wall?

Most led wall pack lights are mounted to the wall, hence why they are called a wall pack. Some wall pack lights are also designed to be mounted to a ceiling if necessary. Mounting the wall pack light on a wall is the most efficient use for the lighting fixture and allows the light to illuminate evenly instead of being directed down when on a ceiling. Wall pack lights also come in different designs that will direct the light where you want it, such as a forward throw distributes light forward and outward and a full cutoff distributes light downwards on a specific area. You shouldn’t need to mount a wall pack light to a ceiling, but make sure that if you do, it will not harm the fixture or where the connection is made.

How do I install led wall pack lights? At what height should I install them?

Led wall pack lights can mount to a standard junction box. Some have the capability to plug into an outlet. And most of the plug-in varieties can use a Hide-A-Cord that conceals the cord for a cleaner look. Most plug-in versions are of the swing arm variety, but ask your Lighting Consultant if they can help you find an option specific for your application.

Tip: In homes, mount wall lights 5’6″ – 6′ AFF (above finished floor). When considering where to install the fixture, think about the placement of the junction box in relation to the light source.

What else should I keep in mind when shopping for Led wall pack lighting?

Wall fixtures mounted at eye level, so avoid open fixtures and exposed bulbs. You do not want to see the bulb when the fixture is on. Color temperatureand CRI are also important for wall lighting, as with any light fixture. Most people like 2700K-3000K light sources. This light sources are warm, easy on the eye, and inviting. If you choose an LED fixture, assure high quality lighting by choosing a fixture with a CRI above 80.

Something important about our Led wall pack light:

  • LED Wall Pack Lights Come in Various Styles and Types

Designed for either full replacement or new construction, our LED wall packs are available in a variety of brands and lens types including prismatic glass, high impact polycarbonate, or acrylic. Choose from several finish options like black, bronze, and white, as well as different sizes and color temperatures.

  • Retrofit Old Fixtures for Convenience

If you don’t want to replace an entire fixture, you can still enjoy the energy efficient benefits of LED lighting by retrofitting your existing metal halide wall pack using our LED wall pack retrofit kits. Our selection our LED wall packs also includes full cutoff fixtures. These wall packs have a special design that reduces light pollution by keeping the light directed down toward the street or walkway.

  • Differences Between HID and LED Wall Pack Lights

Standard HID wall pack lights are reflector based luminaries. This type of fixture loses about 30% of the lamp’s Lumens within the reflector and lamp through “Lumen bounce”. It’s meaning 30% of the light never escapes the fixture. Metal halide bulbs also lose Lumens quickly over time. In comparison, LED wall pack lights are directional and do not lose Lumen output in the same way. Because of this, an LED wall pack light puts out a comparable amount and quality of light to replace a MH fixture that on paper has a much higher Lumen rating.

Some of our led wall pack fixtures come with a photocell, while others can have a photocell added, so it automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. Pair with timers to only use the fixture at set times. These two optional features can help you save even more money and extend the lifespan of your fixtures.


With this LED wall pack light guide, you will know more about this light. Our led wall light will illuminate and save money for you. Want to learn more about our Led wall pack lights? Please contact us at (1) 631-746-7627 or send us an email info@bbier.com. See you in the next article!

What are the benefits of using led wall pack lights?