The Led temporary work lights are very popular, more and more  people used them in warehouse. Warehouses and industrial buildings exhibit unique characteristics. These include: few windows, high ceilings, elevated shelving, and large floor surfaces. All these factors require a very specific warehouse lighting system that adapts and conforms to the following needs:

Reduce maintenance costs

Refresh the operational efficiency of a given space

Increase work productivity

Improve workers’ safety as well as their working conditions

Respect the environment

Following are a number of solutions that will simplify the lighting choices for your warehouse.


BBIER  Lighting’s temporary lighting luminaires are durable, light weight, and hook mounting options allows for easy installation and movement. These LED luminaires are designed to be dependable and quickly and easily installed. Each fixture is linkable via the integrated receptacle.


Construction sites

Warehouses, factories and workshops

Highway toll stations and gas stations


Advantages of 150w temporary work lights:

【ULTRA-BRIGHT】- This high temporary work bay light is 130lm/Watt, total of 19500lm high intense brightness level to fulfill commercial and industrial professional lighting needs. The led temporary work light fixture reduces 90%, energy consumption than same performance traditional light source,you won’t have to worry about dark corners anymore.

【Connectable Design】- This work light is easily connectable thanks to the plug design and 106.3inch power cord with a plug, IP64 waterproof (even joint parts) makes this light perfect lighting for outdoor, construction sites or loading goods.

【EASY INSTALLATION】- The temporary led work light has 10ft plug-in US power cord, Plug & Play, there is no need of fussy installation. It can be temporary work lighting, or it can be efficient LED high bay light or portable LED drop light, convenient for operators to work in tunnels, workshops, mining areas, docks, wharf, factories, highway toll stations, gas stations.

【Extended Lifespan】- Instant-on versatile led jobsite lights has 360° omni-directional and uniform lighting output without glare or hotspot. 50,000 hours operating lifespan, reduce the frequency of re-lamping and maintenance cost.

【QUALITY】- BBier offers 5 years after-sales service for this light, means we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement. Heavy duty stainless steel cage housing adds extra durability and protection, ideal to carry around and use in job sites or when operating in commercial or industrial applications.

Each fixture is supplied with a protective cage around the fixture to protect the fixture from the harsh physical environment typical in temporary lighting applications. The LEDs are mounted to a custom extruded heat sink which allows for proper thermal management of the light sources. The luminaires are IP64 rated (suitable for damp locations).


The power supply accepts 120V 60 Hz input. The luminaires are IP64 rated. Each fixture is supplied with a 9 foot long cable with a NEMA 5-15 straight blade plug.



The fixture is provided with a versatile hook mount (carabiner style) which can be mounted to numerous field applications.

While every setting has its own set of lighting requirements, an industrial environment such as a warehouse necessitates extra caution in the event of an accident. Accidents in the workplace can have a variety of consequences, so it’s best to stop them if at all possible. Did you know that LED lighting will assist you with this? Meanwhile,High Bay LED Work lights are perfect for illuminating warehouses and other workplaces among all the LED lights as they are safer and highly durable.


Here are five ways that industrial LED lighting can help you protect your workers by reducing workplace accidents.

Increased vigilance

Among the five ways that industrial LED lighting can help reduce workplace accidents, alertness issues usually rank first. LED has a wider color temperature spectrum than other lights, which is conducive to alertness. Studies have shown that color temperature has a significant impact on humans, warm temperatures promote relaxation, and cool temperatures promote alertness. Since LED temporary work lights have the lowest temperature, it makes sense to use them in places where vigilance is critical to a healthy workplace. Employees who remain vigilant are less likely to act recklessly or get injured.

Maintenance is reduced

The need to climb up on tall ladders would be greatly reduced because LED fixtures and lamps are extremely long-lasting and practically maintenance-free. When you cut down on lamp repairs and upkeep, you cut down on ladder-related injuries and minor shocks. LED temporary work lighting is the ideal lighting system since it can be installed and forgotten about for months at a time.

There are no heat/shatterproof options available.

Since LEDs can effectively convert the consumed energy into actual lighting, their heat loss is very small. In terms of various factors, the fact that the fixture does not release a lot of heat helps to ensure a healthy working environment. For example, if the skin is in contact with the lamp, there will be no high heat causing burns. Second, because there is no fire to smash the glass, the bulb is less likely to burst and break. There is also the fact that there are shatterproof varieties of leds, which increase the safety factor.


No Mercury

Mercury is hazardous to the atmosphere and the employees’ welfare. LED is mercury-free so when the workers do actually change the lights, they will not have to deal with possible exposure to mercury. Since they are mercury-free, you won’t have to think about how to dispose of them properly. This is one of the most significant advantages of LED lighting.


Higher lumen outputs for better visibility


LED temporary work Lighting – Saving on Maintenance Costs

LED fixtures have become the buzz tool in the lighting industry. They are very well suited to warehouse lighting. LED high bay work ligths offer top performance as well as exceptional quality and versatility. They utilize 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent and HID lighting systems. Moreover, they are designed to reduce your energy consumption costs while providing your warehouse space with regular, contemporary lighting.

The benefits of LED lighting include, amongst others, a longer life span. Ceiling height and the considerable amount of fixtures in this type of space result in significant maintenance costs. Changing a simple light bulb often involves an elaborate process, such as the use of a forklift that can be quite costly in both time and dollars spent.


LED maintenance and energy consumption are modest. They represent major advantages in large spaces with high ceilings.


Finally, an LED lighting system significantly lowers heat output. Therefore, it is not necessary to air-condition a warehouse to counteract the heat produced by the lighting fixtures since LED lighting minimizes the cost of air conditioning. We call this “the cross-effect of lighting conversion” and it is an essential feature in cost-saving calculations.

Do note, however, that the initial purchase of a LED lighting system is a costlier investment than the purchase of traditional lighting. When considering an overhaul of your warehouse lighting, you may also examine fluorescent lighting options.


Suitable Lighting for a Warehouse

Warehouses with high ceilings demand a specific lighting system in order to make sure the space is sufficiently bright to work in.


Our LED high bay work lights are designed for 18- to 60-inch mounting heights and supply up to 95% of lumens for up to 60,000 hours. They are well suited to high ceilings (varying from 10 to 60 feet) and ensure superior quality, high-performance lighting. They provide constant brightness with both direct and indirect lighting.


Many high ceiling lighting solutions offer additional features that are perfect for warehouse installations such as led them work lights, preventing loss of light due to the accumulation of dust, protecting luminaries against damage and facilitating their maintenance.


Dimming Solutions

The installation of a luminous flux adjustor can also be a convenient option for your warehouse lighting. If it receives a fair stream of natural light in some areas, for instance, it might be appropriate to reduce the intensity of your lighting system in those particular zones. This would significantly minimize your energy costs.


Motion Sensors Help with Lighting Management

In many warehouses, lighting control components are often difficult to reach or may be too far to access. Motion sensors serve to coordinate the diffusion of light based on occupancy in various areas of the warehouse. In spaces where there is no activity, there is no need to keep lights on at all times. Using motion sensors, warehouse owners can keep their energy costs down.


Several solutions are available to light a warehouse both properly and efficiently. A system that is well adapted to the space will serve to improve work habits and the well-being of employees while reducing maintenance fees and the luminaire costs.


For a brighter setting, LED has some of the highest lumen outputs on the market. A lack of adequate lighting causes many workplace injuries, but LED eliminates this risk entirely. LED also eliminates shadows, resulting in improved lighting in the room and a cleaner setting. And when it comes to high lumens,High Bay LED work lights are the best.


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