Solar led flood light is becoming more and more popular in our daily life, So many people are caring about how to choose solar led flood lights. Hope these tips can help you.

Solar Panel:

Solar panel is one of the key components of Solar led flood light. It collects solar energy, and converts it into electricity, and then it stores the energy in the battery to power the floodlight.

There are basically three types of solar panels-monocrystalline silicon solar panels, polycrystalline silicon solar panels and amorphous silicon (thin film) solar panels.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panels are considered the most efficient, and their photoelectric conversion efficiency (how much solar energy can be collected and converted into electricity) is between 15-21%.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polysilicon solar panels can reach 16%. Because of their low manufacturing cost, they are now adopted by most lighting manufacturers.

Polysilicon solar panels are usually dark blue, which makes these solar panels easily distinguishable from other solar panels. Because of the high photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels, they can also be used for higher power solar street lights. Amorphous silicon (thin film) solar panels have the lowest efficiency, 10% and below, and are mainly used to charge low-power electronic devices. Choose according to the actual lighting needs.



As we mentioned earlier, the size of the solar panel will depend on the intensity of the light and what material the panel is made of. Monocrystalline/polycrystalline silicon solar panels and thin-film solar panels need to generate the same energy and require a smaller area. Therefore, before purchasing solar lamps,

You must not only consider whether there is enough sunlight in the installation area during the day, but also consider if there is enough physical area to install solar panels (if you want to use high-power floodlights).


Shell material and production process:

Outdoor Solar led flood light must undergo proper waterproof and dust proof treatment, and can withstand wind, sun and rain under any conditions throughout the year. The lamp housing is usually made of plastic or aluminum. Most high-power floodlights are made of aluminum housing to maximize the protection of the internal parts of the lamp from any external impact that may damage the lamp body. However, there are also some cheap floodlights made of plastic shells. Of course, plastic does not always mean poor quality, because most of manufacturers’ lamps use a very durable ABS plastic shell, which can not only protect the lamp from impact and water intrusion, but also it can withstand high and low temperatures. When we choose the material, we need to think about your needs.


IP rate:

When we considering the durability of lamps, the most important specification you need to pay attention to may be IP Grade (ingress protection). The protection level shows how much protection the device has against solid elements (such as dust) and water contact. The most important thing to note here is that different parts of the floodlight may have different IP ratings. This requires a full understanding of whether the IP rating of each component can meet its own needs.

Installation method:

Different types of Solar led flood light include wall-mounted, ground-mounted and pole-mounted. We need to Check whether the floodlight you want to buy has the correct accessories for the area where you want to install the floodlight. Generally, manufacturers will provide corresponding installation accessories.


Wire length:

Another common problem to check is the wire length of the lamp. According to the wire length,I mean the length of the wire connecting the solar panel to the lamp. Consider the area where the lamps are installed and whether the length of the provided wire is long enough. Of course, you can buy extension cords,However, be careful, because too long a wire will affect the performance of the solar panel to charge the battery.

In addition to these main parameters, we have to pay attention to factors such as power, light source, brightness, lumens, battery and so on.If you need to know more about Solar led flood light, please follow bbier.