Stadiums and arenas use efficient, high wattage lamps

Most stadiums and indoor venues use high-intensity discharge (HID) lights for nearly all overhead lighting needs. On average, stadium lights require much higher wattages than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roads, and parking lots. While HID lights are very efficient, they take a lot of time to warm up and reach full brightness after going out. This feature contributes to the duration of the delay in the game if part of the stadium lighting at the game site is interrupted due to a power outage during the game.

According to a 2012 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study, 17 percent of U.S. lighting energy consumption is outdoors, and 83 percent of outdoor lighting consumption comes from HID lamps. Unlike other lighting types that can be found in a wide range of applications, HID lamps are generally limited to outdoor, warehouse and industrial use due to their high levels of light output.

For example, a 60-watt incandescent lamp (or an equivalent compact fluorescent lamp that uses only about 14 watts) will produce about 800 lumens of light output per lamp. Most residential and commercial applications only require brightness levels of approximately 800 to 4,000 lumens per lamp per lamp, but HID lamps can provide over 15,000 lumens per lamp, making them suitable for use in venues such as stadiums, factories and warehouses, where large Areas where a lot of light is needed. Other lighting types, such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), incandescent and halogen lamps, are used in applications such as signaling, signage and other general lighting.

High levels of light output require a lot of energy. But in lumens per watt, HID lamps are about as efficient as other lighting types, if not better. As shown below, HID lamps provide 75 lumens of light per watt, making them more efficient than some other lighting types also used in outdoor applications.

One disadvantage of high intensity discharge lamps is their long warm-up and restart times. As witnessed by millions of viewers, last Sunday’s Super Bowl was interrupted for 34 minutes. The New Orleans Coliseum uses metal halide lamps, a type of HID, as their primary overhead lighting in the arena. After a power outage during the Super Bowl, it takes a few minutes to restore power, and then more time to turn the lights back on, or to reach full brightness after going out. Due to the way the lamps work, the restart time is usually longer than the initial warm-up time, and can take 5-20 minutes to reach 90% brightness. According to the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, some types of metal halide HID lamps use different startup mechanisms that can reduce warm-up time to 1-4 minutes and restart time to 2-8 minutes.

Which led stadium flood light is used for stadium?

LED stadium flood lighting has taken over the lighting market and more. Because the flood stadium lamp are safe, consume less electricity, reduce energy costs, and provide bright light. The same technology is now perfect for LED sports field lights. A good lighting solution directly affects a player’s performance. This is because it will help the players to showcase their talents.

Since every sport has different lighting requirements, it becomes challenging to choose the most suitable light. In this article, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about LED sports lighting. please continue reading!

600 Watt LED Stadium Lights – 78000 Lumen LED Ballpark Lights – 5000K Bright White – 30 degree – Flood Bracket

1. BETTER DESIGN – Designed for taller installations over 25 feet, these lights push more light to the ground. Produces over 135 lumens per watt with Philips 3030 lamp beads. The 30-degree beam angle pushes more light toward the ground. Ideal for taller installations and designed to replace 1800 watt metal halide. Provides photometric studies. This LED stadium light or LED arena light uses only high quality LED components.

2. Surge Protection – Separate 10KV surge protection device to avoid early failure due to power surges. Sosen or Mingwei series drivers add their own surge protection to ensure long lasting light.

3. BRIGHT LIGHT – 600W LED emits 78,000 lumens and can replace 1800W metal halide MH or HPS/HID lamps. 5000K light color ensures bright and clear light.

4. Dimmable – 0-10v dimmable top Sosen series (Sosen M series on high pressure lamps) offer high reliability and optional dimming.

5. EASY ADJUSTABLE INSTALLATION – The unit comes with an adjustable stand designed to mount in a variety of ways. The lights can be tilted up or down to focus the action. The optional Slip-Fit Mount makes installation a breeze using a variety of tenon adapters. Great for directing light in the right direction or illuminating further areas. Great lighting for sports fields like basketball, tennis, football and more.

6. DURABLE – 50,000 Hours LED No bulb replacement required. Aluminum housing with high-tech radiator. Better heat dissipation ensures longer LED life and safety. IP66 waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions.

Replace traditional outdoor sports lights, area lights or parking lot lights with high-efficiency LED area lights. Save money and reduce bulb replacement frequency with 50,000 hour rated LEDs. Clamps are also ideal for new installations. Illuminate an area of parking lots, sidewalks, and sports fields with energy-efficient LEDs. Great for tennis, Pickleball, basketball or other playground lighting alternatives for bright and fun games! !

  • Driver – Sosen Or Meanwell
  • Input Voltage Range: 100-277 volts or 200-480 Volts
  • Additional 10KV Surge Protection Device Installed
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • Up to 140 Lumen to watt
  • Light Angle: 90° Lens installed, 30° included in packaging (60° available, call for details)
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10volt all Icon Pro III Wattages)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 75+
  • Color Temperature (CCT): 5000K. (2700K-5700K also available)
  • Lens Materials: Optical Polycarbonate with Max Glare Reduction
  • Housing Materials: Die Cast Aluminum
  • IP Rating: IP66 Outdoor Waterproof Rated
  • Certification: ETL Listed, CETL Listed
  • Life Span: 50000+ Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years

105,000 Lumen LED Sport and Area Lights – 800 Watt LED Sport and Area Light – 5000K -Flood Mount – 90 and 40 degree included

1. Beam angle:60, 90, 70+140 degrees.
2. Aluminum die-casting heat sinks is good for heat dissipation.
3. It’s major to replace the conventional flood light.
4. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
5. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.
6. Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
7. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.
8. Environment friendly ,energy saving (70~80%).
9. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem

Widely Application of led sport and area lights

1. Stadiums Lighting
2. Building Exterior Lighting
3. Amusement Park Lighting
4. Airport Lighting
5. Bridge Lighting.
6. Tunnel Lighting

900W 117,000 Lumen LED Square Module Stadium Light – 2 Moudles LED Flood Lights – 3000K 4000K 5000K

1.Beam angle:15,30,45,60, Attainable.
2.It’s major to replace the conventiona stadium light.
3.Green,energy saving,ling and reliable life of 50,000 hours.
4.NO RF interference,No IR/UV radiation,on mercury pollution.
5.Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K),2700-6700K.
6.Streamline exterior design,beautiful appearance.
7.Environment friendly,energy saving(70~80%).
8.Special circuit desingn,each LED work separately,avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.
9.The efficient pure copper heat pipe contacts directly with the heat source in zero distance,which exerts the performance of the heat pipe to the best with a heat transfer rate over 200 times of the aluminum radiator

  • 10KV Surge System Built in
  • Input Voltage Range: 100-277VAC  (480vac available)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Shade/ Reflector included.  Dark Sky Compatible
  • Housing Color: Black or Brown
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • 700 watt Dimensions: see Image for all.  59lbs.
  • 1400 Watt Dimensions. See Image for all. 83lbs
  • Efficiency: Over 140 Lumen to watt
  • Light Angle: 15 degrees.
  • Dimmable: Yes(0-10volt dimming)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 75+
  • Color Temperature (CCT): 5000K.
  • Lens Materials: Optical Polycarbonate – High focus and low glare
  • Housing Materials: Die Cast Aluminum
  • IP Rating: IP65 Outdoor Waterproof Rated
  • Certification: ETL Listed, CETL Listed
  • Life Span: 50000+ Hours
  • IES and Photometrics available upon request
  • Warranty 5 Years

800W 112,000 Lumen LED flood Light fixture – 4 Moudles LED Flood Stadium Light – 3000K 4000K 5000K

Aluminum AL6063 stretch forming is adopted, anodic oxidation, higher level of corrosion-proof
Integrated aluminum die-casting ADC12 is adopted at both sides, electrostatic spraying, solid and corrosion-proof
Air convection active heat dissipation method is adopted to ensure the working temperature of the light
source; the power supply is placed below with lower temperature
Large built-in space, intelligent PLC, Zigbee, sensor and other modules can be equipped
Various optical angles, including 60, 90, 120, TYPE II, TYPE III,TYPE IV, etc