Until today, fan lights have been constantly updated and changed. With the change of the times, they have been constantly catering to people. It has changed from a single color to the current colorful colors, and it has also changed from a single style to a changeable style. European style, Italian style, ancient Roman style, and unique Chinese style. Ceiling fan lights show unique characteristics of various countries’ cultures. The diversity of fan lights makes it more and more popular.

  1. The fan lamp adds the function of an electric fan to the lighting, which can not only illuminate, but also relieve heat, and the natural wind is more comfortable and practical.Especially when the person’s head temperature rises during the meal, the air will circulate and it will naturally be more comfortable. This is irreplaceable even with air conditioning.
  2. The energy saving effect is obvious.An air conditioner is equivalent to the power consumption of 20 ceiling fans. When the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, the fan lamp can be completely cooled. In addition, fan lights can be used with air conditioners to reduce the load on air conditioners.
  3. Save space compared to floor fans.Use fan lights in the bedroom, so you won’t have to worry about floor fans taking up space
  4. Low price and easy installation.Most fan lights are only a few hundred yuan in price, easy to install, no tools required, and magnets are automatically attracted

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