In recent years, with the boom of the online celebrity live broadcast industry, photography lights are no longer limited to shooting and supplementing light, but are widely used in new communication fields such as web live broadcasts and video shooting. The new application scenarios put forward higher requirements for photography lights, so let’s take a look at the reasons for the rise of  led cosmetic lights.

      1. Fashionable appearance, light and portable
      2. The led cosmetic lights is not only lightweight in design, but also very stylish in appearance. Take the ring photography lamp as an example. Its overall design is like a beautiful moon, emitting a uniform and soft light. ·
      3. 【Wide Application】This led cosmetic versatile light ring for all desktop lighting needs, is a perfect led cosmetic lights for Video Recording/YouTube/Conferencing/Photograph/Live Stream/Vlog, etc.
      4. 【Adjustable Brightness】With 3 lighting colors and 10 level adjustable brightness, this led cosmetic lights can meet all your needs in different occastion. It is the perfect dimmable lighting to remove all the shadows and highlight your beauty.
      5. 【Adjustable Support Rod and Phone Holder】The support rod can be adjusted from 11.8 “to 22.8”. Phone holder supports horizontal and vertical placement, get any angle you want.
      6. 【Multiple Charging Options】This foldable led cosmetic lights for most smart phone can be charged by multiple devices, such as AC adaptor, power bank, your laptop or desktop.
      7. Long working life: As a solid-state light-emitting device with conductor, LED has a longer working life than other light-emitting devices life. Its brightness half-life can usually reach 100,000 hours. If LEDs are used to replace traditional cosmetic lights, their lifespan will be much longer than that of the car body, and it will not need to be repaired or replaced for life.
      8. Low power consumption: Led cosmetic lights is a low-voltage working device, so under the same brightness, power consumption is minimal and can be greatly reduced Energy consumption. On the contrary, with the future development of technology and materials, it will have higher luminous efficiency. People have calculated that if all the lighting fixtures in Japan are replaced by LEDs, two large power plants can be reduced, which is very beneficial to environmental protection.
      9. Fast response time: LED cosmetic lights can generally respond within tens of milliseconds (ns), so it is a kind of telling device. It is beyond the reach of other light sources. The use of led cosmetic lights to make high-position brake lights for cars greatly improves the safety of cars at high speeds
      10. Small size, light weight, and anti-attack: This is the inherent characteristic of semiconductor solid-state devices. Color led cosmetic lights can make various Clear and delicate display device.
      11. Easy dimming, color adjustment, and great controllability: As a light-emitting device,led cosmetic lights can pass the change of current To control the brightness, the color can also be changed and adjusted through the configuration of different wavelength LEDs. Therefore, the light source or display screen composed of LED can easily meet the needs of various applications through electronic control, and it is extremely difficult to be compatible with IC computers. In addition, the application of LED light source is not restricted by scenting in principle, and it is extremely plastic and can be extended arbitrarily to achieve building block assembly. The current large-screen color display is none other than LED.
      12. The light source made of LED has no environmental pollutants such as mercury and lead, and will not pollute the environment. Therefore, people are well-deserved to call LED light sources “green” light sources.

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