LED Solar Street/ Post Top Area Lighting Market Overview:

The global market for LED Solar Street/ Post Top Area Lighting has recently displayed massive development. The main aspect causing a surge in the market performance is that it is a Reliable Source of Light in Remote Areas.

More and more cities look for recyclable solar energy, traditional solar lighting systems can’t match the style of cities either modern or classic. The market needs not only brightness but a lamp that relaxes the mind and body and beautifies cities

Unlike traditional electric lights, which can be damaged or destroyed by storms, LED Solar Street/ Post Top Area lights are designed to last through the storm. This durability makes solar lighting systems an ideal choice for businesses that are located in areas with harsh weather conditions.

Which convert sunlight into electricity, do not produce air pollution or any dangerous byproducts, and they also reduce the use of energy sources that are not beneficial for the environment. You will conserve energy by turning to LED solar lights. Solar lights will save you money.

How to choose the best solar lights?

There are many factors we need to consider. While not every manufacturer offers all of these specs, before you choose, please note:

Solar Panel Size

As a rule of thumb, the larger the panel, the brighter the light and the longer it stays on. That said, many lights work just fine with smaller solar panels, so just check to see if you’re happy with the light they provide and the runtime. For larger solar panels, such as those powering solar spotlights, consider whether the panel is visible as it may not be aesthetically pleasing.

lighting mode

Dimming, glowing and flashing light modes can set the mood and enhance the social areas of the garden, but they also extend the life of the lights and how long they are lit on a given night. Some lights also have an energy-saving mode, which reduces the brightness of the bulbs but doubles the run time, so the lights stay on longer after cloudy days and short winter days.

motion sensor

Especially relevant to solar powered street lights, motion sensors will turn the lights on when you are approaching or there is activity nearby. This extends the life of the lights, and since they are only on for a short period of time, they are also less dependent on natural light levels, working just fine in winter as well as in bright summer.


This is a useful feature that allows you to turn off your solar lights, keep your neighbors happy and protect local wildlife.

weather resistance

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings indicate how easily dust and water can enter electronics, and how weatherproof and waterproof a light is. If you’ve ever bought outdoor tech like a wildlife camera or wearable tech like sports headphones, you’ve probably seen this. The rating isn’t always given, but if you see it, look for solar lights with an IP rating of 44 and above, which means they’re weather-resistant.


1. Installation is Simple

The installation of exterior lighting has long been a hassle, requiring costly and time-consuming wiring and maintenance. However, with Bbier solar street/post top area lights, installation is made easy, and long-term electricity costs are significantly reduced. Their products are designed to make installation as simple as possible, ensuring that every home and business is well-lit without incurring an enormous power bill.y.

2. No interdependency weaknesses

Traditional electricity means an extremely high level of interdependency—cable connections mean that problems in one area can affect many; one problem can even affect the whole power supply system! This will never, ever happen with solar lighting, as each is an independent power generating system.

3. No cable costs, no cable theft.

For remote areas which cannot be covered by commercial power, the cost of laying cables and installing electricity is extremely high. In addition, cable theft can occur. If this happens, the whole power supply will go down.
A solar lighting system completely removes these concerns. Each lamp is independent and free from any cable connection. While there is no cable to steal, if any solar-related theft did occur, it would not affect the operation of any other unit in the system, reducing any potential losses to a minimum.

4. Long lifespan due to advanced LED technology

In order to be perfectly suitable for outdoor environments, the waterproof LEDs are strong and can last up to 50,000 hours. Plus, some of the solar post top lights feature large Lithium iron phosphate batteries that can store enough energy to power these lights for more than 10-12hours hours.

Design to look like classic high output metal halide lights, this powerful LED technology is designed for outdoor use as an efficient, yet inexpensive solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

5. Low environmental impact

Last but definitely not least, solar post top lights have a reduced carbon footprint. Not only they are highly efficient but they also use pure, natural energy coming directly from the sun. This means a cleaner environment for every one of us.

With solar-powered street lights, we have the opportunity to create a brighter and more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

All solar/post top area lights can be installed in remote villages without many challenges. solar/post top area lights: Remote villages can benefit a lot from solar street lights as they require no cable connections or electricity powered through them. Streets, roads or any public spaces can be illuminated with the help of solar street lights. Solar garden lights: If the residents in the remote areas would like to light up their residential properties and gardens, solar garden lights come in affordable prices. Solar emergency light: These lights are simple, easy to carry and help people to move around at night and also to light up a room for cooking, studying, etc. Solar emergency lights also act as power banks with the help of multi-function USB cables. Solar flood light: These wireless lights offer broad-angled lighting and can be placed to illuminate public meeting places in the rural areas. Solar gate light: These self-sufficient lights can be easily installed on gates, pillars and posts in order to light up building entrances along with the roads in front of them.