More and more people like foldable rechargeable LED work lamp, but do you know What’s feautures of foldable rechargeable LED work lamp? Why choose foldable rechargeable LED work lamp?

Data sheet of foldable rechargeable LED work lam:

durable material: the LED work light made of hard rubber anti-perspiration non-slip, head adopts aluminum, effective heat dissipation and prolong the service life of the lamp.Because of its collapsible design, the lamp is easy to carry around and saves storage space

five pattern & rechargeable:  the built-in rechargeable battery, can charge through the USB port (attached USB cable) five lighting mode: high brightness/medium/headlight brightness / / stroboscopic red red warning, very suitable for outdoor, vehicle maintenance and repair.

rotate 360 degrees, the magnet base and hook: rotate 360 degrees to provide multi-angle lighting, magnet base and hooks let you hands free in the night.Ideal for car repair, home lighting, camping, hiking, power outages.

differences between small lights and headlight: product size small lights x3.4 20.3 x2.5 cm, headlight 27.2 x4.5 x3.3 cm, big USB ports have dustproof plug, small lamp, built-in headlight 18650 rechargeable batteries, small lights 14500 size (AA) built-in rechargeable battery

you will receive: package contains two rechargeable working light and two mini USB cable.This is a practical tool that can be used for everyday and outdoor activities or as a gift for friends or family.

Why choose  foldable rechargeable LED work lamp?

① Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery,3 lighting modes are designed to meet your different lighting needs,COB lamps have high and low modes, one mode for the top of the LED lamp.

② The plastic case is wrapped in a layer of carbon black, non-slip, foldable means that the size of the working lamp is small, easy to carry and store.

The 360-degree rotation, hook and magnetic base make the working lamp more widely used.It will be your first choice for night work or camping outdoors.


Main material :ABS plastic + metal

Light bulb :1 * COB light bar + 1 * LED

Light mode: high COB white light, low COB white light, red light, flashing red light, LED light

Lumens: Up to 800 lumens

Illumination distance: 50-100 meters

Size: 11 * 3.6 cm

Weight: 67 g

Power: Built-in battery

Package content

2 rechargeable working lights

2 x Micro USB charger cable

Customer feedback for  foldable rechargeable LED work lamp

This foldable rechargeable LED work lamp is fantastic! There are endless uses for it, and it’s extremely versatile, sturdy and easy to use. It rotates 270° up or down, which allows you to see a wide area in an instant. With one button click, a softer light turns on. With another click, a very bright light turns on, and with the third click, a small light on the tip turns on. The LED is very bright and it illuminates everything around it with a concentrated light.

The magnetic base is particularly awesome! It can stand firmly off the side of my metal table leg without sliding down at all. That’s a pretty strong magnet, considering the product itself has a little bit of weight to it. But overall, the light is lightweight and portable, folding into a small and tough little tool for any pocket, bag, or toolbox. It comes with a hook for hanging and a USB cord for charging. When you first receive this double pack of lights, both are already charged and ready to light up your life!

I absolutely love these work lights! I got the set to give to my dad for Christmas (he’s going to be so psyched!), but I’m thinking of keeping one of them for myself. It’s just way too useful and versatile, and I know it will come in handy. I can really use this light and so can you. I HIGHLY recommend this product set to anyone. It’s really cool and you’ll find yourself using it all the time. Seriously. Get it.

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