What is the full spectrum UFO led grow light?

As the name suggests, the full spectrum UFO led grow light is a luminaire that uses LED chips to generate light for plant growth in a modern and effective way. Full spectrum UFO led grow light has a variety of shapes and sizes, but as the most basic unit of LED grow lights, LED chips have the greatest impact on the quality of light (that is, the spectrum (color) and photon flux (“brightness”) produced).

Compared with traditional lighting solutions, one of the advantages of full spectrum UFO led grow light is the ability to match the light with the needs of plants. Full spectrum UFO led grow light consist of multiple individual light-emitting diodes, usually in a housing with a radiator and a built-in fan. Full spectrum UFO led grow light usually do not need a separate ballast and can be directly plugged into a standard electrical socket.

Let’s first look at the main conditions necessary for full spectrum UFO led grow light:

Temperature: Temperature is a relatively intuitive factor for the impression of plant growth. Under the condition that the plant can withstand the temperature, the house absorption and photosynthesis of the plant are very large. If the temperature is too high, the plant will wither if it cannot bear it; if the temperature is too low, Plants will stop various metabolisms and will eventually be frozen to death by frostbite.
Moisture: We all know that water is the transporter in the plant. Any substance in the plant needs water to be transported. If there are not enough transport workers, the plant will definitely not grow normally. If there are too many transport workers, just like a traffic jam, the plant will also bear it. Can’t help.
Nutrition: It includes various minerals and fertilizers needed for plant growth, as well as various materialsconsumed by plant respiration and photosynthesis, which are also indispensable.
Air: The air environment is also an important factor leading to the quality of plants, and then the air composition, the most important of which is the concentration and ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is also a factor that greatly affects the photosynthesis and respiration of plants.

Combining the conditions required for the growth of various plants mentioned above, everything is available except for the sunlight. The quality of light, the intensity of light, and the duration of light together determine the growth cycle of plants.

Plants, like humans, need exercise, work, and rest. Therefore, when using full spectrum UFO led grow light to supplement the plants with light, you must also control the time. Generally, it is recommended that the plant’s light time be controlled between 12-16 hours in order to provide the plants. Allow plenty of time to rest to ensure the efficiency of the plant’s daily work.

The quality of light also has a very obvious impact on the growth of plants at various stages. For example, flowering and fruiting plants need sufficient red light during the period of flowering and fruit setting. If the red light is not enough, no matter how great the light intensity is, the desired effect will not be achieved. Influencing the flowering and fruit setting rate of plants, if the various lights of the plants can be matched in proportion to supplement the light according to the needs of the plants, the effect will be completely different. It will not only shorten the plant growth cycle, but also increase the yield and quality of the plants. This is also the reason for the emergence of full spectrum UFO led grow light and the reason why full spectrum UFO led grow light replace traditional grow lights.

When the time and light quality are both reasonable, it is necessary to use LED grow lights to control the light intensity. If the light intensity is not enough, the photosynthesis and respiration of plants will not even reach the same level. It is even more impossible to think about plant growth. The light intensity is too strong, and it exceeds the light saturation point too much. It is a waste of electric energy and is not necessary. Therefore, the most ideal value state is to control the light intensity around the light saturation point so that plants can grow healthily and at the fastest speed.

Therefore, the decisive factors related to light in the plant growth cycle can be measured by the following formula: Plant growth cycle = light intensity + light time + light quality. The full spectrum UFO led grow light satisfies the above three light conditions very well, so as to shorten or adjust the plant growth cycle.

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