Why is led stadium fixtures suitable for Football Stadium Lighting?

I believe, when they are on the football field, when they make mistakes, we will meet such people. They want to say, “The ground is too slippery” or “good lighting glare.” They will blame these points on their mistakes. However, in the real scene, the target environment has indeed greatly affected the state of competition and games. Today, we will talk about one of the most important factor in the football field lighting.

The stadium is a huge outdoor structure, showing everyone for competition for everyone. Football is not just a game, but a game with its own strategy, creating suspense every minute. It requires specific skills and teams to participate in the competition.

It is necessary to have a bright football field lighting, because they not only provide sufficient lighting on the court and others, but also provide many benefits for fans, players and administrative management. For example, for activities, the flexible arrangements arranged by the audience and visitors are easy to enter and exit the venue safely, and enhance the experience of the fan.

Different sports activities, different lighting requirements. Like cricket games, it involves fast sports, and has small game objects and long -distance viewing requirements, so it needs high brightness. But football, it involves slower movements, and has large play objects and close -up viewing, so the brightness may be slightly lower. Night games are a very challenging task, so we need to ensure sufficient lighting to simulate natural lighting during the day to ensure the continuity of the stadium.

The role of LED light in the football stadium

In order to meet these lighting needs, we have been innovating to greatly improve the lighting of football stadiums. The birth of LED lights is the most important and necessary role in part of the sports industry. They increase the versatility and practicality of the football field and provide a lot of value for the owner. The following is why the current stadium is becoming more and more popular why LED lighting is:

Reduce costs and extend the service life

The main reason for leading football field lights in a short period of time is because it is saved. The rated life of LED is 50,000 hours, three times higher than HID. If you use it with the intelligent control system, it can reduce the energy consumption by 90 %, and through the intelligent control system, you can adjust the lighting time for opening or closing and extend its life. They will generate more light, consume less electricity at the same time, and provide high -efficiency, high -quality light output. It can also withstand various weather conditions, including strong wind, rain and frozen temperature to reduce maintenance probability.

Safe on people and environment

Traditional light sources will lead to environmental problems, such as air pollution and global warming. Metal halogen lamps can generate ultraviolet radiation, which may be very harmful to humans. They converted 95 % of electricity into heat (not lighting), and most of them contain dangerous components, such as mercury. When viewers and sportsmen watch games or competition for a long time, they will be exposed to these harmful ingredients. LED does not produce any ultraviolet radiation and dangerous components. They can only convert 5 % of electricity into heat, which means that they will not produce too much calories.

Very suitable for TV broadcast

It is a new era of 4K TV broadcast. Most of the use of metal halide lamp stadium cannot be played in Ultra HD, even if lighting can provide sufficient lighting for the football stadium. The football field lights are very suitable for fans on the spot, but this is not good for fans watching the game on TV. This is another reason for the football field to accept LED technology. Another major advantage of LED is that they do not flash and maintain brightness while inhibiting glare. This means that they will not affect the play of slow movements and will not appear to affect people’s attention.

Improve the game experience

With uniform illustration, low -glare, accurate rods, fixed lens and high -end lens LED lights ensure the best visibility to improve the game experience of drama and audience. If metal halide lamps are used in these spaces, they will produce bright spots and dark spots. Seeing the player’s speed and the audience’s viewing experience will affect the players. This is a big disadvantage for the player’s need to determine the ball within one second. Therefore, sufficient vertical lighting and uniformity must be provided on all planes.

Reliable football field lights

LED stadium lights are the future of stadium lighting. The use of LED for transformation is an economic high -efficiency alternative to the existing football field. The circular stadium lamp series has attracted much attention and love in sports lighting. As a professional LED lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, we can provide professional lighting solutions, 140LM/W effects, and various upgraded functions to achieve enhanced visibility, ensure safety, easy maintenance and minimum energy consumption. The intelligent lighting system and precise aiming design; it can enhance slow motion playback without flashing. In addition to its high -quality aluminum, it has corrosion resistance and anti -UV, and it also improves the contact speed and accelerates thermal conduction. Compact S is the inherent of the highest sports lighting solution, almost all football fields. The following is the main function of the product.

Multi -power can be provided

We can provide different power LED stadium flood lights according to different venue size. The power can be selected from 300W 400W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W. Different lamp products are also different.

High hair light effect

Light efficiency is the main performance index of LED lights. Compact S has an energy efficiency of 140 mm/W, which can provide more lighting by low -power consumption and save a lot of 70 %.

Waterproof and windproof

Because the lights of the football field are installed outdoors, they are affected by operating conditions (such as water and humidity) and may damage them. That’s why they must design it specifically for wetland. It has an IP67 rated respirator to maintain temperature and humidity balance. At the same time, a reasonable structural well has a 16 -level air meter. No matter what the weather, it can ensure safety.


Although glare value is rarely mentioned, they are important in lighting. Too much glare can cause visual discomfort. Players may not see fast moving balls. Our high mast lamp has advanced lenses and low gloss to focus on the need for the needs of the need, and reduce the leakage of the light to the greatest extent.

Free adjustment tool

The hand and rotating installation brackets are as close as possible, no additional tools are required, it only takes a few seconds to complete it. The electric box is matched with the key, which is simple and easy to use.

Adjust the dial at the precise angle

The beam angle usually determines how to distribute the light. The football field light you choose should have the correct beam angle to balance the uniformity and brightness. Compact’s dial implements a precise aim of installation brackets. The unique aiming device sets the light to the place you need.

It sounds great, right? Football field lighting is both art and science. Lighting is always an indispensable part. Countries around the world establish a football field through LED lighting to show their support for green initiatives and other efforts to save the world. If you have these venues, you are welcome to send email to us, and we are happy to provide you with professional product services.