Generally, you can see the exit signs in shopping malls, hotels, schools and buildings.

In United States exit signs can be red or green. This is due to states or cities enacting building codes which specify the sign color.

Why are exit signs typically red or green?

Red, green and yellow(or orange) are used as traffic lights in all the places. This is because these colors has the longest wavelength( according to their position in rainbow I.e.VIBGYOR). And the light having more wavelength can be seen from a longer distance.

For the same reason red color light is used as the tail lights for the cars so if they apply brakes that light glows and also the orange light as the indicators and yellow light as front lights!

Why is running man exit sign green?

Using a small green man and an arrow to guide the direction of a safety exit is a classic sign of an emergency exit. Some will add “EXIT” to emphasize that this is the exit!

And the indicator lights or signs are mainly green. Have you ever wondered why?

Generally speaking, red is more visual than green. This is why many warning signs, stop signs, and traffic diagrams choose red as the main color. If this is the case, why not show running man exit sign in red?

First of all, the human eye can distinguish colors because there are two very important cells in the retina, one is called rod-shaped cells and the other is called pyramidal cells. When the light is weak, the rod-shaped cells are more active, can absorb more light, when the light is brighter, the cone cells are more active.

Secondly, emergency exits generally have dark light, or power outages may occur in emergencies, causing the emergency exit to be in a dark state where you can’t see your fingers. In addition, the rod-shaped body cells have a feature that they can easily absorb green. So in the darker the situation, the easier it is to see green.

Thirdly, we are trained to recognize red as ‘stop’, so in an emergency situation it might create confusion. Whereas green color is related to safety and ‘go’, clearly instructing the public to remain calm and follow the running man exit sign.

Finally, kindly remind everyone that it is very important to find the emergency exit direction first when entering the building, so that you don’t know where to escape when danger occurs.

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