At present, large area led flood light have become the main lighting tools in daily life. Its main application fields include: single buildings, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, building interior and exterior lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment Place atmosphere lighting.

Well, why large area led flood light are widely used? Let’s talk about the characteristics and advantages of large area led flood light.

The unidirectional light, no light diffusion, which guarantees the light are efficiency.
High light efficiency: Using chips ≥100LM, it can save more than 75% energy comparingtraditional high-pressure sodium lamps.
Long life: It can be used for more than 50,000 hours and provides three-year quality assurance.
Each unit LED chip has a small volumeonly , so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices and it is suitable for variable environments.
Use anti-aging foamed silicone rubber strips to achieve effective sealing. The exterior of the lamp shell is electrostatically sprayed. The levelof overall lamp protection reaches IP65, so that the lamp can be used in high humidity environmentsnormally.
The high-pressure die-cast aluminum integrated lamp housing, the power supply cavity and the light source cavity are completely separated, the inside of the light source cavity is closely connected with the LED light source, and the external radiating wings and air convection heat dissipation, which can ensure the life of the light source and the power supplyeffectively.
The luminous decay of large area led flood light is small, less than 3% a year, and still meets the requirements after 10 years of use, while the high-pressure sodium lamp decays greatly, which has dropped by more than 30% in about a year.

Therefore, large area led flood light can be much lower than high-pressure sodium lamps in the design of using power. So as to achieve energy saving effect.

The installation methods of large area led flood light are diversified: large area led flood light can be hoisted, wall mounted, or ground up. So it can be applied to different environments. And the large area led flood light lamp holder is equipped with automatic adjustment of the angle of the lamp device, without any tools to adjust the angle, the large area led flood light is adjusted at 15 degrees for each section, and the  large area led flood light can be adjusted to 180 degrees at most.
LED is a low-voltage device. The voltage to drive a single LED is a safe voltage. The power of a single LED in the series is 1 watt, so it is a safer source than using high-voltage power supplies, especially suitable for public places (such as petroleum , Chemical industry, coal mines, tunnels, squares, warehouses, shopping malls, building lighting, etc.).

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