What are the features of 800W LED Grow Lights  are suit for Marijuana Planting?

1. The 800W LED Grow light has the high-performance solution for the most demanding applications within a unique design. The LED plant growth lights have special circuit design, each LED module works individually, avoiding single one damage problem.

our led grow lamp were designed a foldable style which it can be packing small and save transportation costs more better for our customers.

2. The led grow lights compared with traditional long lights, this new type of dual-chip Plant Grow Light Kit is larger, brighter and more efficient.

Perfect to help you save energy and improve the environment for plant growth, full spectrum color, light includes red, blue, warm white, etc., similar to sunlight, very suitable for Marijuana plants ,also all kinds of indoor and outdoor vegetable and flowers in all growth stages.

3. Low energy consumption LED Grow light Fixtures, compared with other LED plant growth lights, it can save up to 70% of energy, plants can absorb more than 90% of light energy; obtain higher intensity and more uniform coverage, unlimited Close to natural light, it is most suitable for all stages of plant growth. Plants respond quickly from seed to flower, and improve yield and crop quality.

4. High reflection and no noise-the design of the fanless LED growth system will make your growth life easy, quiet, and the fast heat dissipation aluminum material reduces the light loss on the channel and the wall, and increases the light intensity by 20%. Your plants get more energy without burning plants to get the most space, suitable for large rooms and commercial places.

What are the applications of 800W LED Grow Lights  are suit for Marijuana Planting?

1. The 800 Watt LED Grow light fixtures can be used for hydroponics and indoor plants in the soil. It is mainly used for small plants and micro-green plants. It is very suitable to be added as an auxiliary side panel when flowering. Red, blue, very suitable for indoor living plant gardening, shelf and tent growth.

2. The LED Grow Light 800w are also suitable for seedlings, whether you are growing tomatoes, strawberries, roses, peppers, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheat germ, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables, plant growth with lighting Lights can meet your growth needs at all stages, and it is best to add them to obtain high yields.

3. The corresponding spectrum is very suitable for seedling/young vegetative growth or flowering/flowering. It has a full spectrum of effective ultraviolet/infrared, with a correct and useful spectrum, which can be used for plant growth and flowering, including red, blue, and white, which can fully meet the needs of various indoor plants in their growth cycle.