As a solid-state lighting source, Temporary Construction Lights  have the advantages of long life, environmental protection, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, multi-color, dimmable, fast response, continuous switching and flashing, and low voltage operation. Various construction sites use this light type. This article mainly analyzes the application of Temporary Construction Lights in temporary lighting of construction projects.

Features of Temporary Construction Lights 

Low Energy Consumption

The luminous efficiency of the incandescent lamp is 12-24lm/W, and the luminous efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is 50-70lm/W. Most of the power consumption becomes heat loss. The luminous efficiency of the LED temporary lamp can reach 50-200 lm/W. More, the light has good monochromatic, narrow spectrum, less heat radiation, and can directly emit colored visible light without filtering. The spectrum of LED is almost entirely concentrated in the visible light frequency band, and the efficiency can reach 80% to 90%. While the visible light efficiency of incandescent lamps with similar luminous efficiency is only 10% to 20%. So, LED temporary lamps have high luminous efficiency and good energy saving.

Strong and Sturdy

The LED temporary lamp is a kind of all solid structure, and there is no loose part in the lamp body, so it can withstand a certain intensity of vibration without being damaged. In use, because the LED radiates cold light and has no filament electrode, it is resistant to vibration. These characteristics make the LED have an extremely long service life. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Safety and Environmental Protection

The unit operating voltage of semiconductor LEDs is roughly between 1.5V and 5V. At present, the operating current of a single LED with the largest power level is only a few amperes, which is harmless to the human body. LED is an environmentally friendly green light source made of non-toxic materials. The production process and its products are pollution-free. Comparing with traditional light-emitting technology, LED light source technology is a pollution-free and mercury-free light source. recycle and re-use.

Excellent feasibility of using construction temporary lighting LED lamps

In applicable places:

It is necessary and obvious in some places where the lighting work time is long. Temporary Construction Lights  are suitable for places with harsh environments, such as the basement of the construction project and the elevator construction in the stairwell.

In terms of function:

LED temporary light features: small size, light weight, removable and portable. There are many application areas that can be involved, such as stairs in public places, long-term lighting in aisles, and emergency response to power outages. It can cover every corner of the construction site.

In terms of safety:

Due to the LED lamp’s own cold light source, non-heating, low working current, solid-state packaging, strong weather resistance and other characteristics. It will not cause a high temperature environment due to long-term work of the lamp, And it will not cause surrounding objects to cause spontaneous combustion due to high temperature. The line current is small and is not easy to cause electrical fires. It will not cause electrical leakage due to damage to the light source.It will not cause overheating and electrical short-circuits due to humidity, dust, etc., especially suitable for work sites with poor external environments such as construction sites.

In terms of economy:

Since the temporary LED luminous efficiency is 8-9 times that of ordinary lamps. In order to achieve the same lighting effect, the electrical power of LED temporary lamps is only about 1/8 of ordinary lamps. And the power consumption can be compared with ordinary lamps. Save more than 80%. For the application on the construction site, there is no need to add or dismantle additional lines. Both 220V and 36V use basis of the existing lines directly, which provides convenience and operability for site use.