Nowadays, More and more people like do some sports at night, like racing, basketball, football etc. In order to make people have more colorful life and help them to keep heath. There are more and more stadium or open space come out. Following this, Facilities in these area is also important, especially the lighting. We are prefer to Led Stadium Flood Lights, So why ?

In common, Led Stadium Flood Lights has the features of normal Flood light, but it is used in some specific place, like stadium basketball court and football court. so we call it led football light.

In European countries, football game is their most important and great feast. Each venue can contains around 100,000 people. they need make most of people have a good Watching experience. So the Led Stadium Flood Light is very very important.

Because football court is large, people want to see whole area clear, which require the lights have enough bright. More, we also need to consider the light feeling of players. it can not be shadow.glare, otherwise, it will have bad influence on judgement of players. At this situation, the led football light play very important role.Because, it has enough brightness, at the same time no dazzling,no shadow no glare happens. It has pretty good effect.

In addition,There are many football fans all over the world. many of them like to watch matches by TV show. Using led football light can make no no dazzling,no shadow no glare happens. Since the led football light can strike a balance between warm and cool colors, the image appears brighter and clearer on the TV. There are almost no shadows, glare or spills, so the movement remains clear and smooth.

At this time,some people may think it will consume lots electricity. Because we need bright such great large area,the power should be pretty big. If it is traditional lights, it will has high energy consumption.But it is Led Stadium Flood Light now. Which can replace 3-4 times power HID/HPS/MH. For example, the previous light is 1000W, We can use 400W to replace it.which can also help us to save lots energy. But it’s power is larger than other LED lights ,so the cost will be higher.More,Led stadium light range is much larger than traditional light. So we can use less Led Stadium Flood Lights to reach effect we need.which also can help us to save energy.

Hope this can help u to learn more about Led Stadium Flood Lights well.If you need to know more details of lights, please leave u messages below. We are also a is a professional led football light supplier & manufacturer in Shenzhen China.We have focused on energy saving and environment protection for more than 10 years. Our products passed ETL&DLC&CE&ROHS certifications.

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