Plant grow lights can simulate or completely replace the daylight that plants need, offering the proper quantity of light for vegetation to sell increase and improve yield and pleasant. Plant grow lights are perfect for indoor or the locations loss of daylight to help flowers develop.

The lighting fixtures enable 12 months-spherical production in chillier territories, getting plant life to market early. Farmers might have the harvest forward and earn extra. However, every type of vegetation calls for lights exceptional in diverse intensity, spectrum, colour temperature, and many others. What’s extra, there are such a lot of forms of grow lighting with numerous specs, which may additionally makes you scratch your head throughout selection.

Quantum board plant grow lights is one of the most modern kind lighting fixtures inside the vegetation lighting fixtures market. What quantum board plant grow lights is? What are the differences among other plant grow lights? To clarify the question, we will introduce their differences in this article to you.

HID Plant Grow Lights

HID (high-intensity discharge) grow light is one of the most broadly used grow lights in marketplace thanks to its maximum lumen-in step with-watt performance. However, it also price more than other grow lighting fixtures as the excessive fee. HID grow light specifically divided into MH light and HPS light. As the confined of them, maximum advanced growers use a combination of MH and HPS bulbs during the technique.

MH Plant Grow Lights

MH (metallic halide) lighting fixtures produce a “cooler” and blue and white light, that is conducive to the increase of leaves and retaining plants compact. The shade temperature is about 5500k. MH lighting are exceptional for use as the primary light supply for vegetation.

Generally, a unmarried bulb can lasting about 10,000 hours. It does not mean the lights are out of service exceed 10,000 hours. However, the lighting fixtures output could reduced. MH lighting fixtures can produce as much as 125 lumens consistent with watt. In comparison to 39 lumens per watt for preferred fluorescent lamps and 18 lumens in step with watt for fashionable incandescent bulbs, MH lights are of excessive efficiency.

HPS Plant Grow Lights

HPS (excessive strain sodium) lights produce red or orange light. This makes HPS lighting being higher for flowering. it is economical because it lasts twice as long as MH light. HPS lights produce up to 140 lumens per watt. but the lighting fixtures performance will decline sharply and intake elevated after long time usage. Their important drawback is that they do not produce mild inside the blue spectrum. If HPS lighting are used because the most effective lighting fixtures supply for vegetation, the plants will develop in a protracted and skinny shape, which can’t meet the growers’ requirement.

Fluorescent Plant Grow Lights

Fluorescent plant grow lights are a very good and cheap alternative as a start of develop lights. Fluorescent plant grow lights generate less warmness than concealed lighting fixtures, so that they won’t burn your flowers. you can located they close to the vegetation with out worry to sell plants absorbing and the use of the mild.

The coloration temperature of fluorescent develop lighting range from 2,700k to 10,000k. The scope of luminous efficacy is 30 lm/W to 90 lm/W. Tube-fashion fluorescent lighting fixtures (T5, T8, T12) and compact fluorescent lighting fixtures (CFL) are main kinds of fluorescent grow lighting.

Tube-style fluorescent Plant Grow Lights

T5 is the brightness vision and it can be carried out to flower bud differentiation and enhance flower great. T12 is ideal for starting seedlings to get a leap start on spring plantings.

Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Lights

As maximum of fluorescent lights are of massive size and heavy weight, compact fluorescent lights are designed with smaller versions. Compact fluorescent lighting are specifically appropriate to small grows that seeking out supplemental light.

LED Plant Grow Lights

LED plant grow lights built-include light diodes, usually constant integrated with a fan. LED grow light typically do not require a separate ballast and can be plugged directly into a standard power outlet for using. The inexperienced, crimson, a long way-crimson and blue mild spectra have an impact on root formation, plant boom and flowering.

However, there aren’t enough medical studies or subject tests to test the specific color ratios advocated for grow lighting fixtures. it’s been proven that many flowers will grow generally if given crimson and blue mild. But many research have proven that red and blue light only offer the most value-powerful approach of growth and that vegetation grow better underneath supplement with inexperienced light.

White LED grow lighting provide a full spectrum to imitate herbal mild, offering plant life with a balanced spectrum of purple, blue and inexperienced. whilst white LED grow lighting are designed to emit comparable amounts of red and blue mild, with the delivered inexperienced light appearing as white. White LED grow lighting are commonly used for supplemental lighting in homes and office areas.

Only some years ago, LEDs were now not appropriate for “severe” grows, other than supplying mild for seedlings or clones. however, LED technology has come a long way in a quick time. nowadays, with the development of LED light, it could rival, or maybe surpass different kinds of grow lighting fixtures. but we ought to also word that LED develop mild may “burn” the light as the high output, hence, we have better hold proper distance from lighting to plant life.

Quantum Board Plant Grow Lights

The quantum board grow light sounds peculiar to the general public. it’s miles one of the LED lighting fixtures. Quantum board LED grow light refers to a brand new fashion of lighting fixtures wherein a huge quantity of small LED diodes are connected to a flat panel. Those diodes are arranged in rows and run in a parallel configuration by means of a high-strength constant present day motive force.

However, the diodes are open and uncovered and, in many cases, so are the wires. A few of the producers have these days all started adding plastic covers over the uncovered wires, but many still have the wires open. All of this means the components are less included. but it does keep costs down.

Quantum board grow lighting boom the yield as less strength, so it have grow to be famous options. it can offer mild efficacy of 2.7 umol/J. It additionally emits a complete spectrum white light that contains each seen wavelength of mild to assist flowers grow better. Now not like the HID grow lighting, quantum board LED grow lights can provide both red and blue light. Moreover, you may DIY your personal quantum board LED grow light if you need.

What Are the Differences Between Different Plant Grow Lights?


In terms of the value of grow lighting, we must consider both of the price of develop lights and the power fee. Usually, quantum board grow lights are extra costly than others. however in addition they offer higher input power and longer lasting time.

Although fluorescent grow lighting fixtures are cheaper and of much less heat, they could only offer lower lumens. it is tough to domesticate that’s the maximum value-effective because the price and power price are numerous with the enter strength and amount of them. except, the lifestyles span ought to be taken into consideration as properly.

Light Efficacy

The efficacy of MH grow light is about s75 to 125lm/W, and 100 to 150lm/W for HPS develop lights. Fluorescent grow lighting have the efficacy approximately 70 to 120 lm/W, while compact fluorescent grow lighting having a decrease efficacy about 46 to 80 lm/W. The efficacy of widespread LED grow lights tiers from 80 to 160 lm/W. every other degree of luminous performance is the variety of powerful photons emitted in line with watt in keeping with 2nd (umol/w/s). HPS develop lighting can offer 148 umol/s in 100W. It ranks the highest efficacy. For LED lighting, it’s far difficult to evaluate as there may be a massive distinction on various colour mixtures.

Light Spread

There’s no doubt that quantum board LED develop lights have the wider light spread than others. The mild emanates from many factors on the massive panel and has a extra direct direction to the canopy outside the insurance place than light from smaller fixtures that need to be emitted outward. This results in a decrease depth in the middle of the insurance vicinity and a better depth across the outside. In different words: greater uniform light spread.


The light spectra range of wavelengths that gain to flora is seen by humans. MH lights produce a “cooler” and blue and white light. HPS lighting produce crimson or orange light with the lack of blue spectrum. Fluorescent grow mild produce each pink and blue light to help plant life grow higher. LED grow lights emit complete-spectrum white mild, inclusive of every visible wavelength. they have the mild near natural daylight to provide high-quality spectrum for flowers.

Despite the fact that blue and pink LEDs had been common within the past, the enterprise has gradually realized that white LEDs are higher for vegetation, so more and more manufacturers are turning to white. The advantage of quantum boards led develop lights is they normally mix additional diodes in white diodes, offering full spectrum and customize spectrum for different plant life to satisfy their needs in every developing duration.

Life Span

MH grow lights can lasting approximately 6,000 to twenty,000 hours, whilst HPS develop lighting fixtures can lasting approximately 10,000 to 24,000 hours. The existence span of fluorescent develop lights is set 15, 000 to forty five, 000 hours. LED develop lights can lasting as much as 50, 000 hours. As quantum board grow lights are fabricated from LED, their life span is as much as 50,000 hours as properly. In end, LED light very own the longest life span.

Warmth Generated

HPS lighting fixtures and MH lighting emit quite a few warmth, that can cause leggier increase, consequently, they need unique air-cooled bulb reflectors or enclosure to control the temperature. Fluorescent light generate much less warmth than concealed lights.

LED lighting produce less warmth than both concealed lighting fixtures and fluorescent lights. Brightness and longevity increase usually with the decrease of warmth output. Quantum board lights are usually established to a to a thin piece of aluminum (or a warmth sink), which suffices to passively cool the diodes. No enthusiasts are wished.

Installation Height

HID grow lights have to be located as a minimum 60 cm faraway from vegetation for decrease wattage lights (less than 250W) and one hundred twenty cm away from plants for higher wattage lights (1000W or more).

Fluorescent grow lights should be placed about 7.five cm away from vegetation for decrease wattage lighting fixtures (much less than 40W) and at the least 15 cm faraway from flowers for higher wattage lighting (100W or more).

LED grow lights must be saved 30 cm far from plant life for decrease wattage lighting (less than 300W) and ninety one cm away from vegetation for better wattage lighting fixtures (1000W or extra) to prevent leaf burn.


Different grow lights have different characteristics. Quantum board grow lights are serving because the cutting-edge technology presented via the Horticulture lighting fixtures group. but COB LEDs are still serving as the top choice with the aid of generating excellent light output.