How Does an Indoor Grow Light Work?

How Does an Indoor Grow Light Work? As simple as it may sound โ€“ just shining a light on a plant โ€“ the world of grow lights is a dense online jungle to navigate for someone just starting out seeding. LED lights often have blue and red, and sometimes purple, often referred to as โ€œblurpleโ€ […]

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Can i use normal led light instead of led grow light?

As a led grow light supplier for several years, we know more about the grow light function for plants. So can i use normal led light instead of led grow light? Our answer is โ€œNoโ€. Why not? Please read whatโ€™s the difference between led grow lights and normal led light.   Whatโ€™s the difference between […]

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How Do I Choose an LED Grow Light?

How to use LED grow lights to get better effects? Among the many growย lights, the LED plant light is one of them, and it is also the most widely usedย growย light in recent years. Because compared with other traditional plant lights, LED plant lights have more advantages, such as: less heat, small space, low power consumption, […]

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What’s Kind of LED Grow Lights for Markets?

The global LED Grow lights market is divide into four major categories, mainly fluorescent grow lamp, HPS Grow light, halogen grow lamp andย LED grow lights. What’s is Fluorescent grow lamp? By 2020, the global fluorescent grow lamp market was expected to reach 1 billion US dollars, and such products are very popular with home gardeners. […]

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