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What Are the Benefits of Adjustable LED Lighting?

Adjustable led lighting is the next trending revolutionizing lighting solutions for saving inventory and giving some necessary colour temperatures and wattage options within one lights which are market demand. Adjustable led lighting will be beneficial to all distributor, contractor and end users. End users : Mental Health Did you know variable lighting options can increase […]

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How to choose the suitable post top pole light for outdoor lighting?

The main starting point for considering outdoor lighting is to establish the main design goals. Traditionally, street lighting has been a fundamental part of outdoor lighting. However, in modern urban environments, it is mainly post top pole  lights that defines the visual environment, provides humane lighting, creates the ideal ambience, provides a sense of security, […]

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How to Cleaning and maintenance of post garden lights?

Post garden lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting lamps and lanterns is 6 meters, the main components by: light source, lamps and lanterns, light pole, flange and foundation embedded parts of 5 parts, because the garden light its diversity, beautiful sex has the characteristics of […]

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What are advantages of Post Top Lighting?

Pillar top lighting, LED pole lighting or decorative area lighting are commonly used for exterior lighting of roads, walkways, parking lots and commercial and educational campus lighting. This form of exterior lighting is usually mounted on vertical poles, usually between 7 feet and 20 feet. Some of the most commonly used post top lighting applications […]

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How To Pick A LED Post Top Light?

An LED post overhead light is also known as a garden light, an LED post light, and a landscape LED path light. There are many varieties of specialty products, but the most common are 75W, 100W and 150W. Your average light has a brightness level that can range from 9,600 lumens to 19,600 lumens. Many […]

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Where to Use LED Post Top Lights?

Post top lights are outdoor lighting fixtures designed to provide illumination for pedestrians and vehicles. They are usually installed on poles on roads, roads, parking lots, education and commercial campuses. Since the installation height of the lamps is 10-20 feet, these lamps are designed to provide high-quality visual information, so that pedestrians and drivers can […]

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