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Brief introduction of UFO LED high bay light

UFO LED high bay light is also called led industrial and mining lamp. Industrial and mining lamp is an important part of modern industrial lighting. Traditional industrial and mining lamp station lamp usually uses 250W, 400W, 500W, 1000W metal halide lamp.

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150W UFO LED High Bay Light Features

Industry-Leading Warranty – 5 year warranty,can replace your existing 400 watts metal halide fixtures in your warehouse, factory, gym or any large open area;150w UFO Perfect replacement for 400W Metal Halide UFO high bay lights at a 20-30 ft mounting height. LED UFO bay fixtures is wash down ready – IP65, so they can be used inside or outside in areas where you need to be able to wash down the room;

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Why Are Our Lamps Rich In Categories

The improvement of the company’s product quality, the requirements of customers increasingly need to be perfect, Shenzhen bbierled lighting in line with the customer is the god of the starting point, and began to recruit a number of highly educated, professional knowledge to the company blood transfusion.

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